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Nursery Furniture

J.K. asks from Dallas

Please help!!! Where can I find cute, well-made AND affordable nursery furniture. I'm having the hardest time. I just can't stomach spending a fortune on furniture...


Nursery Furniture?

R.A. asks from Minneapolis

I don't know the Twin Cities very well, having moved here only recently so Im asking for help from local moms... Where should I go shopping for nursery furniture? ...


Nursery Furniture

H.D. asks from Dallas

I am looking for cherry wood nursery furniture. I went to Babies R Us and Baby Depot but I'm just not willing to pay their prices. Any other suggestions? I hit a few ...


Recommendations for Purchasing Nursery Furniture

S.D. asks from Chicago

Hi! I'm a first time Mom and I am in the process of looking at nursery furniture. Does anybody have any recommendations of places to look? Honestly, I'm not sure of...


Looking for Nursery Furniture

S. asks from Dallas

I'm looking for furniture for the nursery. The set that I had picked is on back order until July. The baby is due July 6th. Please comment if you know of places to bu...


Websites for Inexpensive Nursery Furniture.

L.M. asks from Seattle

I really need some ideas of some websites that have super inexpensive nursery furniture (I'm becoming very overwhelmed with most places prices) I have been on bed re...


Where to Buy Nursery Furniture?

P.L. asks from Dallas

We're looking for some well-made yet reasonably priced nursery furniture. I've checked BRUs, Pottery Barn Kids and Baby Depot. Anyone have a favorite shop they could...


Nursery Suggestions

J.D. asks from Los Angeles

I am trying to put together my daughter's nursery while being on bed rest. I do not want to purchase the big items like the crib or changing table because I cannot s...


Nursery Furniture and Day Care

N.C. asks from Los Angeles

I am 29 weeks pregnant and will be having a c-section the early part of January. I need some help looking for a crib and dresser. I would also like to start looking...


Looking for Good Quality, Reasonably Priced Nursery Furniture!

A.L. asks from Chicago

I'm looking for high quality, reasonably priced nursery furniture (basically a crib and dresser) and a nice chair since I'll be nursing. Please let me know if you ha...