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Soothing a Cough

S.M. asks from Denver

My daughters have had several colds this winter, but their latest one is lingering in the form of a nasty cough. My elder daughter is almost 3 and she will cough so ...



C.J. asks from New York

My son is 6 months old and is having surgery soon. He won't take a pacifier and doesn't suck his thumb but I really feel that he is gonna need something to help sooth...


Nursing for Comfort & the Escape Artist.

R.B. asks from Boston

My son will be 2 in August and I decided long ago I would nurse him until he was at least 2 as long as he was still interested. Well now he is only nursing for comfor...


How Do I Comfort My 3 Month Old?

S.R. asks from Dallas

My 3 month old had a stomach virus this week. It was awful. We ended up having to take her to the ER. I didn't even know babies could get stomach viruses this young. ...


Teaching Baby to Self-soothe

S.S. asks from New London

My 6 month old will only go to sleep while nursing or being rocked by his daddy (or in the car). I know we need to help him learn how to put himself to sleep and not ...


Self-soothing Skills

J.P. asks from San Francisco

How do I teach my daughter (6yo) self-soothing skills that don't involve food or material possessions, when I I have none myself?


Husband Can't Soothe 6 Week Old - Mom Has No Break - Any Ideas?

K.G. asks from Austin

Hi Ladies, I am writing to find out your experiences so that I can share them with my Husband. I stay at home with our new six week old daughter whom I adore beyo...


I Need a Trick to Calm My Newborn!!

K.H. asks from Wausau

My daughter is one month old and she just started crying for what seems like no reason. I checked everything and she is fine and comfortable and not gassy, does anyon...


Can a Child Learn to Self Soothe at Night If Even I Can't Soothe Him Sometimes?

L.B. asks from New York

I asked yesterday about what to do with my "bad sleeper" two year old. His 3.5 week old brother sleeps better than he does or ever did, and with two of them, I am at...


Soothing a Cough

L.K. asks from Sioux Falls

My toddler just started coughing the other day and I don't want to give him any cold medication because it never seems to help. I want to give him something to sooth...