2 Year Old Sleep Problems - Please Help

Updated on September 04, 2010
S.P. asks from New York, NY
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Hi. My almost 2 year old is having sleep problems and I m 8.5 months pregnant and nearly going insane from it. She will wake up and scream and cry all night. All she wants is to come into our bed. Nothing else helps - comforting, crying out, milk, etc. When she goes to grandma's house she sleeps like an angel all night long, so something is going on with us. She comes into our bed sometimes to cuddle in the morning or throughout the day. I don't know what to do. Crying out has worked before (takes days and days) but now I am going crazy bc the baby kicks so hard when my anxiety levels go up which is every night these days for hours. I feel so bad hearing her cry and it is impossible to tune it out so I just get so upset and anxious which is bad for the unborn baby. Please help! Thanks.

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answers from Kansas City on

take a deep breath, realize she ISN'T hurt, there's no reason to freak out and stress yourself out - and decide to get through it. you are, i hate to say it, doing it to yourself. you are going to have to just suck it up and do what you know you have to do - make her sleep in her own bed. yes she will fight it. yes it will be hard. but either do it now, OR deal with her being like this with an infant fresh from the hospital. those are really your only two options...hang in there mom, we've all been there and you will get through this!

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My daughter who is 3 would get out of bed many times after I put her in bed sometimes up to 2 1/2 hours after her bedtime!! Needless to say that gets old real quick. So I asked my pediatrician what I could do to help her relax and get to sleep. She said to try Liquid Melatonin. Use 1.5 mg for her and it will help relax her. I got mine from a health food store but recently found the brand I like online for cheaper. I would get the NOW brand Liquid Melatonin. I have tried other brands and they don't seem to work as well.

Good Luck!

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answers from New York on

I'm sure she knows on some level that big changes are coming with the new baby. I think I would try talking to her about the baby, reassuring her you love her and give her attention as best you can in the day. Maybe let her sleep in a sleeping bag in your room if she wants. If you are okay with the co-sleeping that is one thing. But that close to the end of a pregnancy it is tough to get comfortable and sleep anyway.

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answers from Syracuse on

I have no advice, but I can relate. My 2yo son constantly climbs into bed with us, and resists conciously going into his bed. My wife is 7 1/2 months pregnant with twins, so this has become increasingly fustrating as well.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Hi there, so I have an idea for you. Your daughter is still very young and can sense that things in her life are about to change dramatically. There is a time and season for everything, my advice is that this is not the time for sleep training, even if she starts to miraculously stay in her bed and sleep all night it could easily revert back when the new baby comes, children naturally regress a little with big changes. So I would say let her sleep with you for the next 3 or 4 months, she could use the extra comfort during this big change in your lives. She could decide after a while of being in the same room with baby who gets up crying that she would prefer to be in her room. You could talk with her about it. I have no doubt she is feeling your anxiety as well I think it would help everyone to put sleep training on the back burner for a while. Also I have a great book recommendation. "Good Night Sleep Tight" by Kim West the sleep lady. Fantastic she helps mothers and there children everywhere get better sleep. She teaches you how to be your childs sleep coach from birth to 5 years old. To help them know you are there for them build a trust that they can count on you to be there so they don't need to cry all the time when they wake up in the night, they can roll over and go back to sleep with the security of knowing you will come if they need you. I so highly recommend this book.
I wish your family well



answers from New York on

Could there be something wrong with her bed at home? or with the room? maybe she's scared? is she in a big bed or a toddler bed? can you try to lay down next to her and go to sleep? i wouldn't make her cry because then she'll end up associating her bed with sadness and tears, you don't want that. lay down next to her, read her books before bed time, maybe give her a couple of teddy bears to put next to her, cover them up with a blankie, whatever you can think of. try to explain to her that daddy is sleeping and she can't go to your bed, but that you'll stay with her. see if that works, it may take some time.



answers from Buffalo on

we are going through the same situation with our 2 1/2 year old daughter. (we also have an almost 4 month old son)

we started by sitting in her room until she fell asleep, and then after a day or two we moved the chair a little farther out of the room until we were in the hall. we still went to her at night, but only to tuck her back in bed and not stay in to cuddle.
tonight was the first night we told her we weren't sitting on the chair. she wasn't happy with this, but we told her we would leave her door open if she stays in her big girl bed without crying in order to fall asleep.
i also bought a toddler clock that looks like a stop light (on amazon) and it's red when she's supposed to sleep and green when she can get up. we're hoping it will help her know it's still sleep time when she wakes up at night.
i know this is so hard. i don't know the "right " answer, but hopes this helps! hopefully both of us will get a good night's sleep tonight! good luck!


answers from St. Louis on

Lay with her or let her sleep with you. You will both get some good sleep until the baby gets here. When the baby comes, if it continues you'll have to adjust to that but for now, just do this and you will feel more rested!

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