Baby Monitor That Monitors 2 Different Rooms And/or Video Monitor

Updated on July 03, 2009
S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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Hi again! :)

I just saw a reco for a baby monitor (Graco Vibe) that switches between 2 rooms every 5 seconds. However, some of the reviews for that particular product aren't great so I was wondering if there are more kinds out there? I am even interested in perhaps registering for a video monitor (my dd is moving to a different floor, the new baby will be in my room...the distance makes me nervous) so I need recos for that, too, if possible. Or maybe a GOOD quality monitor that can do two rooms?


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The video monitors are great! I just sold mine :-( or you could have had it! It was a Summer and it was great. No problems with it. I'd get a video monitor for your room (esp if the baby will be napping there) and a sound model for your toddler.....

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I agree with the MobiCam thing...I bought one when my son was born and it was horrible! It only worked for about a month, then it just stopped picking up any signal. It was def not worth the money. IMO the lights and sounds one from fisher price works amazing. Its what we bought to replace the MobiCam and I love it. It picks up everything so clearly. It has a warning signal when its out of range. It has worked out very well for us.
Best of luck finding one that is right for you!

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I can't speak about the monitor that works in two rooms, but I do advise that you heed online reviews. I have found them to be very accurate. Also take into account when the reviews were posted. If all the poor reviews are a year old and all the newer reviews are positive, then the company likely made improvements in the past year.

I can however, speak fairly knowledgeably about video monitors. I got a Graco video monitor for a shower gift and loved it. The parent unit is small and similar to a cell phone and comes with a clip for the waistband of your pants. However, the jack (On the parent unit) for the AC cord broke off inside the unit. Disappointed, I went searching for a new one.

I purchased a MobiCam, primarily because you can buy extra nursery monitors and monitor two rooms, which I thought would be ideal as I am planning for a second child. But the product is AWFUL (I didn't heed the reviews). The signal cut out constantly and the unit wouldn't work at all if I used my cordless phone. My mother uses it on the days she watches my daughter and it makes do, but it was a complete waste of money.

I called Graco and complained about the issue with the first monitor and they offered to replace it free of charge, which they did.

When the second one broke, I had to pay half price for a new one because I wasn't willing to go without a monitor, but they refunded the money when I returned the original.

The newest Graco is the video iMonitor, and thus far, I am pleased. The jack seems more durable and the picture quality is much better. There is also a much longer range on it. I can go three floors away from my daughter's room and still get reception. I also like the the nursery monitor can get mounted to the wall with a clip or can be put onto a base. I use the clip in my daughter's room and move the base from room to room as I need to.

I have heard mixed reviews about the Summer one that Babies R Us has. Despite my issues with the Graco, I still love it and recommend it.

Good luck!


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I second Tara's advice. I bought mine at Sam's club. The receiver hooks to your TV and has 4 channels, so you can easily hook up multiple cameras to monitor more than 1 room.



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i highly recommend a video monitor! we didn't have one until my older daughter was 9 months old, and I can't believe I waited so long!

we had two of the safety first monitors, same brand/style... and i was able to have a monitor in each of my daughters rooms. if i needed to monitor both at the same time, i would have two recievers on (like during the night), but we had one room on channel 1, and one room on channel 2... so we could flip back and forth on one reciever to see both rooms. does that make sense?

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