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Updated on February 23, 2009
R.J. asks from Framingham, MA
8 answers

My just turned 3 year old son has been sleeping in a crib since he was a baby. He used to sleep great in his crib. A week ago we trasitioned him to a car bed(one of those low lying beds with 4 tires and having the frame of a car).

The first night(on 2/13) he went into the bed he threw up all over it about 2 hours into sleeping. 6 days later(2/19), he threw up again all over his bed. Each time, he coughed and looked nauseous just before he threw up. Yesterday night he started coughing but I went into his room and held him before he could throw up. Every time he throw up he goes back to sleep fine and get up vey happy in the morning like nothing ever happened!

My questions is does anyone here think this sudden throwing up is due to a change from a crib to a new bed?. Mind you he has not thrown up everyday in the new bed, and has been sleeping the same hours as he would in his crib. Also, he has never thrown up in his crib either(not usre if the height of the crib is a factor compared to the low hight of the car bed)

It's just that something seems to be waking him up on certain nights and cauing him to be nauseous(no change in food habits/dinner, sleep time etc)

In your opinion, do I move him back to the crib and try transitioning him to the car bed again during summer? I am starting to turn paranoid in the night if I hear the slighest cough.
Any advice is appreciated!

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answers from Burlington on

Maybe it's the bed. It could be the plastic or the chemicals from the bed that is making him sick. Elevation could be a factor too. You could try elevating his head up on a pillow or two or putting one under the mattress. Good luck and keep us posted.



answers from Lewiston on

My 2-year-old daughter had a stomach bug a couple times this winter that sounds exactly like this-- a couple of vomiting spells and fine the next morning! (So has some of her friends.) It's wintertime, maybe he is just going through the normal sicknesses? I don't think it has anything to do with the bed. (It's harder on us than on them, I think.) If your transition is going well (except these instances) I would continue having him in the toddler bed. Putting him back in the crib could really cause some confusion and problems for later. Congrats on the successful transition and feel free to check on him as often as you need to calm your nerves!! That's what I do!



answers from Boston on

Is there any chance he could have allergies to the paint or anything to do with the new bed? If he is closer to the floor have you cleaned the carpet with any chemicals he is now closer to the floor. Even dust or mold allergies can cause post nasal drip leading to coughing, if he coughs then gags maybe that's it.



answers from New London on

Have you taken him to the doctor? This doesn't sound right to me...



answers from Boston on

Dear RJ,
I wonder if the bed itself is the problem...what kind of plastics/paint is it constructed of? Anything that might give off fumes? Does it use a new mattress? If so, what is the mattress constructed of??
Also, is there anything you changed about his bedding?
A new fabric,a new sleep-with stuffed toy, etc?
OR,did he have any new/different food on those days??
It almost sounds like an allergic reaction to me.
I'm no doctor though, just a mom and grandmother.
Hope you figure out what is bothering your poor little guy!



answers from New London on

He could be allergic to something about the new bed, the plastic or the mattress...I'd talk to his pediatrician or something.



answers from New London on

It could be the fumes from the new bed. Sometimes you have to air those things out outside. Some people are sensitive to new smells and fumes etc. So this is what could be causing it. Find out what your new mattress is made out of and use 100% cotton sheets. Usually crib mattresses are made with less toxic materials then larger mattresses. You may want to try to find a more non-toxic mattress. you can find more information about them online. See if he sleeps better in his crib for a few days. You are not paranoid. mother's intuition is usually right.


answers from Boston on

I agree with many other posters, either allergies or toxins. If you pre-washed the bedding, it is probably the new bed. I would call poison control and I would also find out where the bed was made. We all know about all the problems with toys, paint etc. For now I would definately put him back in the crib and get the bed out of his room until you know for sure what is causing his problem. John Travolta's son Jett got sick from carpet cleaning solutions as a toddler and came down with something called kawasaki disease and they believe that is what caused his seizures.

Also people in New Hampshire may remember several years ago, a family moved into a brand new house and their new carpeting made the entire family sick. And Oprah had a lady on her show about the same time who was so sick sleeping in her home, she slept in her car until Hazmat came and took her comforter away, which had been cleaned at a cleaners.

So I would say for now, get the bed out of his room and put him back in the crib for now until you know for sure it is NOT the bed. We want to keep him safe.

M. Peploe

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