Job Hunting: Infant

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Husband Hunting All the Time!

Okay ladies, to those of you who have husbands that hunt, how do you handle it? Don't get me wrong, I am for him doing something that he enjoys but he gets obsessive about it. If anything interferes with his plans he throws a fit. And starts complaining that he never gets to go. Uh, he goes almost every weekend since bow season started at the beginning of October and plans to all the way to the end. Doesn't realize what kind of pressure it puts on me. We have a seven year old dtr and a 14 month old son. I am at home with them every...

Earning Extra Cash

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Stay at Home Mom Wants to Earn Money

Is there anyone out there with some good advice on earning money from home? I am a mother of 7 and my youngest is 2 and still breastfeeding. My husband became disabled about 3 years ago due to cancer and subsequent chemo damage. I help take care of him here at home and my 2yr old during the days while other kids are at work and/or school. Then evenings are full of homework helping and school events and sports events. Needless to say- leaving the home to go out to a job is out of the question right now. I have sold Avon in the past and had a...


Out of Money

hello moms, I would really like some advise from all of you. I was laid...

Working at home

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Working from Home

Is anyone working from home and making more than 2,000 a month?


Working at Home?

So i went into the unemployment office to get websites to apply for jobs and...

Working Part-time

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Looking for One Mom to Share a Part Time Job

I have an opportunity to work part time and need one mom to do it with me. I can explain details over the phone. It is legit, a coffee company who serves specialty coffees in office type environments. It is decent money and I have done it a few times. It is easy. Contact me if you are interested.