Job Hunting: Teen

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Sahm's: What If Your Husband Told You to Get a Job, So He Can Quit His?

I've been a SAHM, for 9 years. Hubby has a job.... but the employer sucks. They are dishonest and jerk the employees around. Hubby has recently started looking for another job. As his co-workers are too. He hates it there. Okay. So he tells me, for me to get a job, so he can quit his. Then he can be on my medical etc. And the kids will need to go to after-school care etc. The kids have medical, via our State sponsored plan. So they are fine. They are covered. My kids are 8 and 5 (in Kindergarten). They both have homework everyday....

Earning Extra Cash

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Working at home

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Working from Home - a Perspective and a Queston

After reading SO many questions about finding the elusive "work from home" job, I felt like I wanted to add my perspective - and then I will ask the requisite question. While there are many perks with working from home, it is hard. You have to be self starting. Most of the time if you don't work, you don't get paid (I own my own business, so this is the case for me). If I am sick, I am still answering emails and sending faxes. My children are adults now, but were preteen when I started. I work in my dining room, so after school they...


Working from Home

I would like to work from home, but I don't want to do parties or sales...


Working at Home?

So i went into the unemployment office to get websites to apply for jobs and...

Working Part-time

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My 16 Year Old

I have a 16 year old daughter who is very smart, but she doesn't do her work at school. She has always just gotten by. This bothers me, because I try to excel in whatever I do, but she just accepts mediocrity and I don't believe she tries hard. I just got her progress report and she is not passing any classes. I don't think she's into drugs. She could probably be having sex because I can't monitor her every move, but she does have to be in the house by 9 week day and week end. Her father and I just put her on punishment for the bad...