Searaching for Job in the Legal Secretarial Field

Updated on April 27, 2010
Y.J. asks from Miami, FL
4 answers

Hi. I have been job hunting for a while now. I have years of experience in the legal secretarial field and have been positing my resume on some of the popular job sites but to date no success in being called for interviews. Does anyone have any tips/advice or the names of law firms that I can apply to directly. I am presently employed part-time as a cashier but I only earn enough to pay for daycare so I need to find a better paying job asap.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Just use Google like you are looking for a law firm for your own needs (try entering different types like "family," "business litigation," or "corporate" law) along with your city, and you should find lots of options that you can apply to directly.

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answers from Washington DC on

Since you are a cashier, you are in contact with lots of people. Tell them you are looking for a job. Network. Unless people know, they can't help you.

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answers from New York on

Why not just search the yellow pages for law firms in your area? Visit their website - they may post job openings or have a link to contact their Human Resources Department.
Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know about Miami, but in DC and when I moved to Dallas, I went through legal placement agencies and they got me in the door at law firms that wouldn't have looked at me otherwise. In both cases, I got the jobs. The agencies in DC and Texas were paid by the law firms, so I didn't have to give them any money. They found me on Monster, but try searching legal placement. Also, I got call backs when I found jobs on craigslist.

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