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Updated on August 19, 2014
M.C. asks from West Mifflin, PA
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I was wondering if anyone knows of any businesses hiring. I currently have a job but am being taken advantage of and am getting tired of it. I have customer service and database skills, expert in office programs. I checked and the local newspaper but was wondering if any of you moms had any information. Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

We don't know your specific skill set, discipline, and other needs you may have to get a job. I have no idea what is in Mifflin PA.

Not knowing your industry makes it hard to give any info. I know here in TX, the economy is booming. People are hiring all over the place and housing is becoming a shortage now.

I would suggest getting on it is a good networking site and you can use the free version. I get resumes from people weekly as well as notices from recruiters.

Talk to your friends and family. You never know but someone might know someone who needs someone and you fit the qualifications.

If you can, go into temporary work because when you do temp jobs, you get a feel for a company and if you would like to be a part of it or not, plus, the company gets to know you and see if you are a fit for them.

When I was in corporate marketing, we ALWAYS used the temp pool to get new employees when openings came up because we knew who they were, how they worked, etc. I have been away from that particular company about 18 yrs and they still hire the same way.

Don't be afraid to take a job that you consider "beneath" you. You never know where that can lead you. I would not speak about the grievances you spoke of here as far as you being taken advantage of and so on. Employers don't want to hear any drama...

Work on your resume, get online, and network. You have to search for the right jobs, it is rare for one to fall in your lap.

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answers from Boston on

That's not really what this site is for, plus your question is going to go all over the country. If you have a local or regional issue/question, at least put your town and state in the title of the question so people in your area see it. It's unlikely that many people are going to click on this question anyway, but as this is your first question on the site, you may find people are going to think you aren't legitimate. There have been a lot of "trolls" recently and you are going to get lumped into that category if you don't provide more information.

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answers from Washington DC on


Well, this isn't the place to find one. Your description of what you do is vague.

WHAT databases do you use?
WHAT do you WANT to do?

Your attitude might slow you down as well. With customer service and database skills? I would go to a company like AppleOne or other temporary firms to get your foot in the door.

You can try LinkedIN. But you MUST be careful. If you put that you are actively looking for a new job/opportunity? You might find yourself out of a job if someone from your present company looks you up. Also - if you set your settings too high - no one will be able to find you. When you go to Linkedin - which is free - to you - however - if you want to send messages to people - you will have to pay for a subscription if you send over 3 messages, I believe it go to Linkedin and SEARCH for companies in your area that might be hiring...then connect with the recruiters and hiring managers with those companies...

Get your resume in its best format and on monster, indeed and careerbuilder. Make sure you have your CORRECT e-mail address and contact information - I can't tell you how many candidates have numbers transposed or missing from their resumes - needless to say - I don't want to hire them.

Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

I agree that you should work on resume & put up a profile on linkedIn. Also try craigslist for your area. How far are you willung to commute? Whats the big city near you etc.
Good Luck,

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answers from Chicago on

How about going to your state job bank?

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answers from San Francisco on

try craigslist - that's where I get my leads. I was surprised how many listings they have EVERY DAY.

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answers from Santa Fe on

You have to look near you and start applying. Get the word out that you are looking to everyone you know. Word of mouth is the best! Check your state agencies. Check your city government jobs page. Check with universities, companies in your area, bulletin boards, hospitals, dentist and doctor offices, online job postings, different newspapers, etc. Think is where you would enjoy working...start there. Monster is not the only online place to look.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

If you have a college degree then you need to contact the college and see if they have a head hunter service, where you can get in that cue of graduates that get interviews with those professionals that come specifically hunting for new hires.

If you don't have a college degree perhaps it's time to look into getting one. Even if you are poor you can go to college, financial aid is wonderful and a blessing for those who want a better income.

You can do short term classes that might last up to a year then you go to work, like secretarial stuff at Wright College.

You can do a 2 year degree at most community colleges such as child care professional, mechanic, construction worker, nurse or nurses aid, and more.

There are many ways to get a better job but there are NO short cuts. Working at a career is hard work, fulfilling, but hard work. It takes time and effort and lots of study to make good grades so you can build that resume that shows sparks that will draw prospective employers to you.

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