Career: Infant

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Career - What Would You Do?

Current situation: After 15 years into your gig you have a job that pays six figures, is a fairly easy job. You're tenured and there is very little chance of getting whacked since there are at least a dozen hires below you. You get breaks and summers off. Your work environment is supportive and nurturing and your boss rocks. However, you're exceptionally bored at your job and the passion you used to have has been snuffed out. You feel like your talents and skills could be more beneficial in another field and you simply cannot imagine...


Career or Baby

I'm 25 years old and getting ready to finish college. My husband is several...

After Maternity Leave

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Looking for Maternity Leave Advice

Hi Mamas, Does anyone have any advice on preparing for maternity leave - some learning experience you may have had that you weren't expecting? Can be in regards to insurance, work, child care, etc. I'll be leaving work at the end of May, and want to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved. Thanks!

Going Back to Work

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Going Back to Work

I am about ready to return back to work after being home for 6 weeks with a...

Job Hunting

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Husband Hunting All the Time!

Okay ladies, to those of you who have husbands that hunt, how do you handle it? Don't get me wrong, I am for him doing something that he enjoys but he gets obsessive about it. If anything interferes with his plans he throws a fit. And starts complaining that he never gets to go. Uh, he goes almost every weekend since bow season started at the beginning of October and plans to all the way to the end. Doesn't realize what kind of pressure it puts on me. We have a seven year old dtr and a 14 month old son. I am at home with them every...

Job Loss

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I Lost the New Job

So - I haven't been on here in a while and one of the reasons was I got a new job. Well - after 30 days they decided it wasn't working out and I am now unemployed. It's been a big hit to my self esteem and I'm totally crushed that I left a job (even though my employment there was tenuous) to take another job where I was let go after a month. To be honest it was a terrible fit (the work was not what they indicated, the company did not seem ready to have a f/t virtual employee, and the guy who was training me spent at least an hour...

Maternity Leave

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Maternity Leave Financial Help

Whatprograms or grants or what cn i do to have money coing in while im on my maternity leave since i wont be able to pay my bills???? single mom wondering what to do


Work & Family Balance

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Working out

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Going to the Gym

Hi Mamas,I am wanting to start working out at the Gym. However I am not sure what time is best to go and work out. I work full time and have four kids to go home to along with my Husband. I do not know if going after work or after dinner time or very early mornings. I will have to say i am not a morning person.So I was just wanting some imput from you all that attend and how you work it around a busy life style. Thank you :)