Job Hunting: Preschooler

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Having a Hard Time Trying to Teach My 4 Year Old!!!!

Hello wonderful moms! I need your help. My 4 year old is having a hard time focusing. Since I'm a SAHM and we don't really have the funds to send him to a preschool, I try to teach him myself a long with my 21 month old son. He is very smart BUT its like he dont apply hisself. My husband told him he wants a SMART kid not the COOL kid. My son then says to his father, "Well I want to be cool, not smart!" We can sit down and try to do his workbooks and worksheets and he wants to play, or he starts talking about something that has nothing to...

Earning Extra Cash

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Working at home

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Working at Home

My 4 yo is sick today so I am "working from home". I find it so frustrating though, DD acts up when I am on the phone, so I can't make important calls, she climbs over me to see what's on the computer etc. (Writing this, I am thinking "Control your child!!") She's a reasonably cooperative child usually but the phone and computer are like big flashing buttons!! I am thinking that a 4 yo should be old enough to behave when I am busy, and I should get serious about consequences if she isn't quiet when I request it...what do you think?


Working from Home

I don't want to complain but I am getting sick and tired of being in an...

Working Part-time

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Part-time Job That You Love?

Just wondering if anyone out there works a part-time job so that they can get some adult interaction and make a little bit of money? If so, I'm just curious...What kind of work do you do? Is it related to what you went to school for or are you trying something new? Thanks!


Need a Part-time Job

I'm a stay home mom of 28 months twin boy and girl. I have a loving and...


Part Time Job?!

Ok so I work full time now sun-wed. I really am in need of additional income...