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Updated on February 19, 2011
S.Z. asks from Melissa, TX
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I currently have a good job, but I'd like to find something closer to home (I drive an hour each way right now.) I've been lucky so far as I never really had do a lot of searching and interviewing and even that was over 10 years ago. Articles about job hunting talk about having contacts to get your foot in the door, but I'm not very outgoing, so I don't have any contacts. Has anyone had success using career sites or temp/placement agencies (especially without letting your current employer know)? Any tips for searching and/or interviewing? TIA

BTW - I work in accounting, if that matters.

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answers from Minneapolis on

www.indeed.com is one of the best websites to look for job postings.

www.LinkedIn.com is the best site for networking, and it's free - set up a profile, ask any business contacts to connect with you, join groups, see job postings, find contacts at companies you are interested in - 80% of companies who are hiring search LinkedIn for candidates.

Any reputable temp/contract agencies will keep your information confidential.

Send me any questions you might have, I work as a career/job search consultant for an Outplacement company and have a private career coaching practice. I'd also be glad to give feedback on your resume (no charge for any advice, just mom-to-mom :-)

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answers from Chicago on

I am not sure if recruiters place accountants outside of the managerial/executive level, but I would look into that. Recruiters can have access to jobs that aren't public knowledge and they can help you through the whole process.

Indeed is really great but I still use Careerbuilder.com, Monster.com, and Linked In (as others have already noted). Put out the word to friends that you're interested in hearing about other opportunities - you never know what they may come across!

Also, if you can find out what companies are within your preferred radius from home, keep tabs on their website for job postings. It also doesn't hurt to call their HR and say that you are an accountant with X many years of experience and are interested in any opportunities they have, and see where that gets you.

Good luck!


answers from Denver on

my hubby has had pretty good luck with indeed.com



answers from Columbus on

You should check out the book "What Color is Your Parachute." It has lots of great advice about conducting a successful and thorough job search.



answers from Los Angeles on

check your local school districts

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