Job Hunting: Toddler

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Husband Hunting All the Time!

Okay ladies, to those of you who have husbands that hunt, how do you handle it? Don't get me wrong, I am for him doing something that he enjoys but he gets obsessive about it. If anything interferes with his plans he throws a fit. And starts complaining that he never gets to go. Uh, he goes almost every weekend since bow season started at the beginning of October and plans to all the way to the end. Doesn't realize what kind of pressure it puts on me. We have a seven year old dtr and a 14 month old son. I am at home with them every...


Need a Job

I was wondering if anyone knows of any businesses hiring. I currently have a...

Earning Extra Cash

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Looking for a Way to Earn Money from Home.

I stay at home with my son 4 days a week, and would love a way to earn a little bit extra money while staying at home. I am kind of hesitant of some of the home work options I've looked into, so I thought I would see if anyone here has had some success with a home business. Thanks! xo S.

Working at home

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Working at Home?

So i went into the unemployment office to get websites to apply for jobs and almost all websites i went to had "work from home" jobs available. Working at home or from home would be interesting, i can be with my baby and earn some cash at the same time right? but are these jobs for real? Is there such a thing as working from home and actually getting paid for it. I find it a bit phony. I will be calling the unemployment office to see if that really is true. Have any of you worked at home like that, ever?


Working from Home

I am looking into working from home starting in January and wanted to see if...

Working for Myself

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Contract Work and Taxes

Do any of you do contract work for a living? My husband FINALLY got a job, after 18+ months unemployed. TG because our savings are pretty much gone and my income is really not enough with the cost of food and diapers and clothes for growing kids etc (even with visits to garage sales and Goodwill). Anyway, it is a contract job. This means he is self employed and has to file his own tax paperwork. How involved is it and how often do you file? He just started and has not received any pay yet. I have him getting receipts for his gas...

Working Part-time

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Part-time Job That You Love?

Just wondering if anyone out there works a part-time job so that they can get some adult interaction and make a little bit of money? If so, I'm just curious...What kind of work do you do? Is it related to what you went to school for or are you trying something new? Thanks!


Need a Part-time Job

I'm a stay home mom of 28 months twin boy and girl. I have a loving and...