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Updated on April 01, 2010
K.C. asks from Bronx, NY
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I have been looking for a job at home but was not successful. I know are to interesting one out there that require little or no experience. The jobs that interest me the most are baking, data entry, telephone marketing, etc. Can someone help me?

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answers from Washington DC on

Hello! I have a business that I work from home; it is legitimate and I love it! I represent a Wellness Company, Melaleuca; I do not sell, stock, or deliver products. I simply set up accounts for others to shop at wholesale prices and by doing so, I earn an income. Do contact me if you want details--no

Good luck!


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answers from Washington DC on

I work with a fantastic International Wellness Compnay, Melaleuca. You may not have heard about it, but that's because it is a word of maouth business. I would like the opportunity show you our compnay, you can make up your own mind. CHeck out ,

I hope to hear from you soon, happy hunting.



answers from Dallas on

Yes, there are legitimate jobs to be found from home. If I were you I would check out every one on your post and look at the websites. See what interests you and don't be afraid to contact people and ask questions. I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor. 5-10 hours per week would help you build a business that would be your own. It is absolutely doable and how much money you make will depend on you and your goals. I would help you so you wouldn't be left on your own. Free training is available and this is something that could build. I know people whose husbands have quit their day jobs after building their Shaklee business.

Here is my website. Take a peek and let me know if you have questions:

If baking is your thing you could make a few dollars creating your own business too.



answers from Orlando on

Dear K.,

I'm always looking for reps and if you are open to more information and interested in creating some income, whatever that may look like to you, please send me an email.

My passion is prevention through whole food and a revolutionary product line called JuicePlus+. Have you heard of it? FYI, we are
all about giving people a way to have the flexibility of still being available for their children as they grow up but also giving them a purpose that touches families in a very powerful way.
K., my website has a free 12 minute video on it which is and a picture is worth a thousand words. It's merely $50 to get started. If you are serious about bringing in some extra money, let's talk.
My very best,
P.S. We are a DEBT FREE company by the way! We are the no-risk, no-overhead business that just about anyone willing to devote a few hours a week can do and we would love to have you on our team.


answers from Washington DC on

There's a small up front fee for Tastefully Simple and Pampered Chef, but they are legit and involve baking (and parties, and socializing). I know a lot of moms personally who do both. I don't know anything about the others on this list.


answers from Dallas on

Hi K.,
Here are a couple of 3 minute recorded messages you can listen to: Roger Barnett, Chairman & CEO - ###-###-#### and Project MAHMA™ - ###-###-####
If they interest you, let me know and I will get more information for you.



answers from Las Vegas on

For baking, check with your local Health inspectors. Data entry may be done for a doctors office, doing dictaphone, if you are familiar with that. As well, you may need to show how fast a typer you are, as well as how accurate you are. Telephone marketers are a dime a dozen. I would probably say that is a very difficult one to do. I don't even answer telemarketer phone calls. I google the number and dump the call if there are complaints stemming from the number.



answers from New York on

I have gotten a couple of good writing jobs from this site. Right now I see that there is a date entry job. Amanda usually posts new jobs monthly.



answers from Washington DC on

I do pampered chef which I love because I am in business for myself... But I am not by myself. My group places God and family FIRST and pampered chef second. My goal is to teach moms budget friendly solutions that save time but I also have a series that teaches moms how to cook with your little helpers in the kitchen. If you're interested check out my website at - my contact info is there!
Hope it helps!! And I can help with the upfront fee!! No worries!!



answers from Tulsa on

become self employed with bakery products take them to the flea market or what ever. make easter cakes. Since you do data entry keeping your books should be easy. bake cookies brownies whatever. do like catering type things. wedding snacks, baby shower snacks use your imagination and become self employed. the best type of employment anyway. you keep whatever you work for instead of giving it to your boss. and who knows you might have to hire an unemployed person to help you. stop thinking inside of the box. Use your imagination on the home bakery idea.



answers from Washington DC on

While not baking, or data entry, the business I work in is legit. Happy to share, if you are open. Good luck!
Check out;
Hope to hear from you!



answers from Washington DC on

Hi K.,

I work from home and I'd be happy to give you information doing what I do. Just go to my website (, take a look, and see what you think. Best, J.

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