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Updated on March 23, 2010
N.O. asks from Kansas City, MO
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hello moms,

I would really like some advise from all of you. I was laid off of my job in August and because I was pregnant I could not find a job. So, I have been living off my savings until after my baby was born and then I was going to find a job. Well, the good news is I have gotten a job, the bad news is it doesnt start until January 19th. And I am now out of money. Does anyone have any ideas on jobs or something I could do for the next month to sustain my daughter and I until my first paycheck? I'm feeling pretty desperate. Thanks.

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answers from Kansas City on

The only thing I could suggest is to try and sell some stuff you don't use on craigslist for some money.

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answers from Mansfield on

Don't feel bad about asking for help. Ask family or even good friends for help. Offer to babysit friends, family, post an ad (some people pay quite a lot for Day care and it is worse over the winter break when all kids are out of school so maybe they would be willing to pay you instead). Go to your local Job and Family services and get food stamps, they even help you find a job sometimes, they can also pay for your utilities (if they are going to be shut off), heating costs, ect. Sell unneccessary things, were you able to get any unemployment? You may still be eligable. There are probably places still hiring for christmas season... even if you get a part time temp job (are there temp agencies around you... they can usually find you a job you start within a day or 2). Good luck Hope this helps :)

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Congratulations on your job!
I've been unemployed for 14 months and have run through my savings as well. I know how difficult this can be, especially with a new baby.
I put an ad on Craigs List for Santa's Helper. I help bake, wrap packages, take older people shopping, put up Christmas lights, clean, anything someone needs help with. I will be helping an elderly woman throw a pizza party for all her friends on New Year's Eve. After the new year I will be helping take down lights, do post Christmas clean up (I arranged the take down dates when I did the put up job.)

Also, if you are affiliated with a church, you might be able to get some help--talk to your director of ministries. I have found if you put the word out, someone will step up with some kind of help.

Good luck,

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answers from Kansas City on

Wow! I commend you for even having a savings account that you did have available to use. Praise God it lasted this long! You have been given some good suggestions on how to earn some cash. For your utilities and rent / morgage you should contact anyone that you know you won't be able to pay and let them know about your situation. You may have already done this when you first got laid off, but if so, give them an update that your savings have run out and you have a job but it doesn't start for a while. They will usually work with you and allow you to make partial payments or skip a month and pay extra for a few months afterwards to get caught up.
And, yes, go to your church or Salvation Army or Goodwill and ask for assistance. People are generous and willing to help, they just need to know the needs. Asking for help this way in a time of need is perfectly acceptable. If you weren't trying at all, then I would feel guilty asking for help, but you are trying. God loves you and your precious new baby. Pray and ask Him to show you want to do and take some steps. He'll open the doors and provide for you!

God Bless you!



answers from Allentown on

I suggest going to a place that takes temps for a bit, look up on careerbuilder.com for temps and that will help until you can start your new job. I was in that situation once and it was crappy but you get through. Also the food banks help and try and get WIC in your area, they give free food if you breastfeed and formula if you dont and baby cereal when she gets to that age. Also see if you can find cheap babysitter like family members until the money situation is better. Hope everything works out and good luck. :)



answers from Kansas City on

I give classes on cutting your budget and couponing. If you do some "extreem couponing," you could save over $400 per month on groceries, household goods and personal care items! I have gotten Christmas items, school supplies, shampoo and conditioner, body and face wash, razors and shaving cream, makeup and nail polish, diapers and wipes, cereal and canned goods, oral care (tooth brushes, mouthwash, dental floss), and much, MUCH MORE FOR FREE!! Many times with OVERAGE (meaning I got PAID to take items home off the shelf)!!! The free stuff I have gotten are all things I use by known and trusted name brands (NOT generic), like Crest, Gillette, Reynolds Wrap, Olay, Loreal, Huggies, Nivea, Bayer, Listerine, Kelloggs, Revlon, Glade, Kashi, Crest, Hunts, etc.

If interested, email me for more info. I will do everything I can to help you get started getting your freebies and showing you how simple it can be!


answers from Kansas City on

If you are in good health you can donate plasma and earn about 240 per month. Also, if you move into a shelter for woman and children for a few weeks you could be put at the top of the list for cheap housing. If that's not an option for you, maybe go to labor ready at 5:30 in the morning every day?


answers from Kansas City on

catholic charities or food banks (google it?) can help out with food. good luck and just hang on...it'll get better.


answers from Chicago on

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