Job Hunting: Adult Child

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Ground Rules for Adult Child Moving Home

Our son graduated college in May. He works as a freelance camera man in the TV & film industry and rents a room in a house from a friend. His housemate's girlfriend and child may be moving in there in June which would require my son to live elsewhere. We have touched on the possibility of him coming home for a while but would only want to do so if it is in his best interest. We have always told our children they cannot live off of us. There would be rent to pay and they would have to contribute to the household. My days as "Mommy" are...

Earning Extra Cash

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Blended Families and Money for College.

I have 6 children: 2 girls in their 20's from my 1st marriage, 1 girl from my 2nd marriage, and my 3rd husband (still with) and I adopted 3 boys from Russia nearly 11 years ago. We set aside money for each child for college - obviously not a king's ransom with 6 kids, but something. We had/have the same amount for each one. When our youngest two were diagnosed with such serious disabilities that it was clear that they would not attend college, we used/are using their money for special needs camp tailored to their interests. In addition...


Working at Home

Hello Ladies, Has anyone ever really done a work from home program? I saw...


Home Wealth Solution

I received an email about Home Wealth Solution. Has anyone out there tried...

Working at home

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Working at Home

Hello Ladies, Has anyone ever really done a work from home program? I saw a coupon on here for CEOMOM. did not get good information from site. Curious!!!


Work from Home

I would love to work at home from my computer. Any suggestions on where to...


Working from Home

I am interested in working from home doing data entry or other computer...

Working Part-time

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Part Time Work/work from Home

Hello moms, I was wondering what other moms do for part time work or if there is a legit work from home opportunity. I currently stay home with my two girls, but times are tough, everyone knows about the economy and I am looking for ways to help keep our family afloat. I would love to be able to still be at home with my girls during the day. What are your part time jobs? What do you do for stay at home work? Any and all suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks in advance. J.


Adult Child Issues

Hi Moms, When does an adult child, mine for instance he is 20 become...