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Updated on July 16, 2010
K.K. asks from San Diego, CA
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So i went into the unemployment office to get websites to apply for jobs and almost all websites i went to had "work from home" jobs available. Working at home or from home would be interesting, i can be with my baby and earn some cash at the same time right? but are these jobs for real? Is there such a thing as working from home and actually getting paid for it. I find it a bit phony. I will be calling the unemployment office to see if that really is true. Have any of you worked at home like that, ever?

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answers from Phoenix on

I'm a retired grade school teacher who works from home, and I love it! Go to my website, -- watch the video and send a card, then give me a call to learn more and hear my story. It's not a get rich quick thing, but a build income steadily thing. Working from home is definitely not just a fantasy.

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm working at home and it has its own issues. One of which is that with a toddler, I get little done if it's detail work unless she's asleep or I can get my husband to take her. There are times I work til 2 am and my spouse and I are like passing ships. There are benefits, like being able to take a day off, not paying daycare, being able to spend more time with my child. But it's not stress-free. I've talked to other people (most of us are freelancers, so looking for the next gig is also a stresser) and they pretty much say the same things. I haven't responded to those websites. What I do is technical editing. Other people do graphic design for companies, etc. I'd look for a legit site like and go from there.

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answers from Sarasota on

I have to agree about working at home in general--it's just as hard as any other choice. Sometimes I wish the kids were with a sitter so I could just concentrate! A lot of time my husband takes them all day on the weekend and I lock myself in the bedroom to work. I work at night and when they're napping. No TV, no fun mom stuff, I do the housework while they're up and playing and then work when they're asleep. Be prepared for it to be work!

I can't address any specific companies, though--I'm a freelance editor. Good luck!

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answers from San Francisco on

I work from home. These jobs exist, more and more. But they are jobs, you are paid for it because you are working.
Some of my friends (including my mother in law) would sometimes tell me that I'm so lucky to stay home all day and be paid. I'm working, as much as they do, meaning not playing with my children, not cooking gourmet meals, not cleaning the house...
Nowadays, we have a nanny (we both work full time from home), but before our daughter was born, I worked full time from home + took care of our baby. I organized a closed playing area for him in my office/playroom, (child-proofed) and would eat with him, give him snack, change diapers. But, not much playing or interaction. Then, I worked long hours to compensate for the time spent with the baby.
The best time for it was when he was an infant, breastfeeding at the computer was not a problem and he was happy in a wrap front carrier or on the floor. As he grew, it became more difficult. He needed more attention than I could give and when I got pregnant, I went to part time so I would have more time with him.
Usually, work from home have flexible hours and people would work early in the morning (before the children get up) and then late at night. It the work involves calling customers or other people, you have to be ready for tantrums, teething screams or other dangerous escape from your little one just at the same time. Tending to a baby may be hard when negotiating on the phone!
But, financially, it can be well worth it!
Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

not all work from home jobs are scams. just be smart and do your research. I work in an MLM. 4 years ago I would have not considered it and thought it was a scam. Luckily I did some google searches and checked the better business bureau and discovered what I was looking at was very reputable and I make extra money from home. So.......if something sounds interesting.....keep your mind open and check it out.

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answers from Los Angeles on

That all depends. There are reputable companies with legitimate work from home positions. Working from home is not simple, however. My experience is you either work when your children are sleeping and become exhausted yourself or you need to hire help to get things done while your children are awake. I still prefer working from home, but just wanted to share that it is more complex than it may initially appear.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Generally speaking, the Federal Trade Commission says that most "work from home" opportunities are scams and too good to be true. There are some that are legitimate, but the best bet is to find an opportunity and negotiate time at home if possible. It is not an option for me in my company.

With my 2 kids being so young, 2 and 4, there's no way I could work from home. They need too much of my time and attention, so the only way would be when my husband is home or if I sent them off to day care which kind of defeats the purpose.

Penn and Teller have a great new show out looking at a lot of "mid level marketing" opportunities from jewelry, to men's grilling products, to juice drinks, etc. and the conclusion is that most of those are difficult as well because of the investment and the need to recruit other people in order to make money.

I apologize in advance for the name of the series (can't change that), but the content is actually really interesting, and they've done a good job of researching data:



answers from Phoenix on

I would agree that many of these work from home jobs are scams. Although I have a second job that I do from home on my own schedule and it's legit. The income is what you make of it. I market a company that manufactures naturally made cleaning and health products. I sign people up for shopping memberships. The products pretty much sell themselves. If you're interested in learning more send me a message. There is also a weblast at 8am and 10am every Thursday that you can watch for more info. Good luck.



answers from Colorado Springs on

I've been working from home since March. It's a very legitimate buisness, but you have to be willing to actually work at it. There are a lot of scams out there, but I think a lot of the times, we scam ourselves into thinking that since we're working at home, it should be easy and we should get paid for staying at home, not for actually working when we are home. My son is almost 3 months old, and I usually work when he's sleeping - but now that he's more able to entertain himself on the floor or in his seat, I get a little extra work done then when he's happy. I would love to get you the details about what I do from home - I really enjoy it. Let me know, and good luck!
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answers from Scranton on

I have been working from home for the last 3 years. I work for a company that helps teach foreigners better business English skills. It has been a good job. I only work part time about 20 hrs a week. I have 4 kids and it has not been so difficult that I would have to hire help. I also homeschool and so prehaps that is why. I don't have to get them up to go to school. I typically work either 6-10 am or 5-10am. Five days a week. My kids are ages 14-4. I started working when my youngest was 1.5yrs old. hth

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