Part-time Job That You Love?

Updated on August 30, 2012
O.L. asks from Long Beach, CA
18 answers

Just wondering if anyone out there works a part-time job so that they can get some adult interaction and make a little bit of money? If so, I'm just curious...What kind of work do you do? Is it related to what you went to school for or are you trying something new?


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answers from Honolulu on

I work at my kids' school.
It is perfect, I am on the same vacation/off days as they are.
That is why, I wanted a job at a school.
Works out great, for me.
And extra pocket change.
I didn't do it for the adult interaction.
I could live in a cave by myself, no problem.
I just was looking for some extra pocket change, and doing something where I was on my kids' same school schedule, so that I can still take them to school and pick them up. And so they do not have to go to after-care.

And no, it is nothing related to what I earned my college degrees, in.

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answers from Chicago on

My most enjoyable PT job in the past 12 years was working at Pottery Barn. Loved my co-workers, relatively low stress environment, and a great discount on home goods. Not at all related to my college degree (History & Secondary Education), but there were a lot of teachers working there.

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answers from Albany on

Well, I worked as an aide in my kids school for a few years.

I babysat.

I worked in a special ed preschool for awhile.

I like to garden, so I worked 12 hrs a week at a garden center, mostly for the discount.

I also like to cook, so working in a boutique type kitchen store appeals to me.

Trouble with service industry job (retail, etc) is you need to work most when your kids are home.

Nothing I've done in the past 25 years has anything at ALL to do with my education, sigh.

I think I LIKE being a professional housewife (youngest is 15), but I really DO need more to do everyday.

Have you thought about volunteering? I have, and that's as far as I got with it (except church and school related things).


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answers from Boston on

High end Italian restaurant, make $200-300 per shift.

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answers from Dallas on

One Busy L., You will now be busier just browsing through the recruiting info you get from the MLM's lookng for new recruits! Beware!

When my daughter started K, I started subbing at her elementary school. She just started her Senior year of high school and I still sub at her elementary school. I love the children, the hours and the little extra money.

Husband and I own our own company dealing with manufacturers in the raw materials (plastic) industry. He does the sales, forecasting, planning, and travel. I manage the Quickbooks, financials, IRS, reports, travel, payroll, negotiating with truck carriers and our warehouses with inventory. LOVE being our own boss

I'm also heavily involved in fundraising for our daughter's cheer squad. Last year we raised just over $75,000 for our Sr. High school cheer squad (11-12 grades) and this year we are above average and will go over $75,000 goal!! We have a large Sr high with a lot of booster activity with all teams and PTA and the entire organization runs about $250,000 per year with fundraising, providing scholarships, after prom activities, graduation activities, etc. It is a great program to be a part of.

Volunteering at the school is a great way to start.

I hope you find something that works for you.

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answers from Kansas City on

I have my own Tastefully Simple business and absolutely love it! I've been doing it for a year now, and it has been so much more than I ever dreamed. I was like you, needed to get out of the house and have some adult interaction, and a little bit of income. I have also earned FREE trips and prizes. But THE most rewarding part about it is that I have made friendships that I know will last a lifetime! If you are interested in learning more about the business check out my website ( I'm not just trying to through a sales pitch at you, this is honestly how I feel. I've previously sold 2 other direct sell companies and failed at both.

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answers from Phoenix on

I LOVED my part time job when DD first started Kinder. It was doing accounts receivable 4 hours a day while DD was in school. The people were great, the pay was well above minimum wage, retail or restaurant jobs, & the job was fun. My background is in accounting/credit/accounts receivable.

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answers from Bloomington on

I work at a Boys and Girls Club and LOVE it. I usually work about 3 nights a week for 3 hours each night. It is right after school, and that part I do not like, especially now that the oldest is in school, but too young to attend the club. BUT, I have to work opposite of my husband so we don't have any daycare costs so there will always be a sacrifice.

It is close to what I went to school for....elementary education. I run a homework/tutoring room for an hour each night.

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answers from St. Louis on

When I first divorced and went back to school all there was was part time. I worked at Breadco or Panera to the rest of the country.

Granted you have to have mad people skills and be able to work pretty hard but having fun with people was great!

Oh and the other perk was you name your hours.

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answers from Boston on

I worked very part time for the past three years writing clinical summaries. It kept me out of the house for a day, and I also had some time to meet with my old clients . I have a degree in the mental health field, so it helps to keep myself in the loop.

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answers from Seattle on

I work part-time from home. I am a book editor and also a freelance journalist for a local newspaper. I love both because they are flexible. I went to school for journalism. If I didn't need the money, I would find some other outlet for writing/editing, perhaps in a volunteer position. I am thinking of joining the PTA this year. Someday I'd like to get a master's and teach at the local community college.

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answers from Boston on

I teach SAT prep as a classroom instructor and private tutor and we are now getting heavily into small-group classes on-line. I work from late August - early December and then January - June, in synch with the SAT season. I average about 6 hours a week (some weeks 2-3 hours, some weeks more than 20) and now make over $30 an hour. Starting pay is in the $20-$25 an hour range. Private academic tutors who design their own curricula make $40-$50+ an hour around here. It's a great part-time gig but it's nights and weekends, when my kids are home. Works for me because I have a FT job as well but for a SAHM looking to work when the kids are in school it's not a good fit.



answers from Charleston on

Can't wait to see what your responses are! I'm in the same boat. :)



answers from Atlanta on

I have a degree in Japanese Studies, and until August, I worked VERY part-time (a couple of hours a week) as a cultural consultant/language instructor. I basically taught English and American culture to Japanese people via a private cultural consulting company. I really enjoyed it, especially the cultural aspects of the work, but since our family has been relocated, I'm done for a while. I'd like to find similar work in our new home in the future, but I need time to get the family settled in first.


answers from Milwaukee on

I was teaching in the evening at a career college. Loved the adult interaction, loved getting out of the house, and loved the extra money. Only worked 2 nights per week.

I also do Wildtree very very part-time.



answers from Los Angeles on

I majored in Economics/Business. For the past four years, I've been working with an international corporation marketing anti-aging skincare & supplements. I also train and manage sales teams. I also work with physicians and health care professionals. I love setting my own hours and not having a boss. This past year, I reduced my hours to part-time so I can spend more time with my family and be more active in my daughter's school.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I am a distributor for "It Works" body wraps and supplements and I really enjoy it. I make parties back in our home state and drop dd off at the grandparents and I go off and have the parties and she gets one on one time with them it's a win win.



answers from Austin on

I have a degree in political science and worked for the state for one year. That was the only work I've held tat relates to my school degree. Otherwise, I am certified as an event planner and loved freelancing until it became too difficult to schedule around my family. I also homeschool, so I either have my kids or are driving my kids to their events, playdates, etc. I looked into direct sale companies, but after running an online store for a few years, I knew I didn't want to carry any inventory. And ironically, being an event planner, I wasn't interested in hosting any parties. So I found a company, Ameriplan, where I don't have any inventory, don't make cold calls, and work completely online around my own schedule. I'm hooked up with a great team that is very active on their forums and Facebook. The online community keeps me sane. It is a business, rather than a job and I get out what I put into it. So far for part-time work, it's out-paced everything else I've done to date. It is my favorite part-time work.

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