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Updated on June 15, 2008
J.M. asks from Savannah, GA
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My son was in the airforce for 8 years and has recently came back home. He and his wife have very good educations. They came back to be closer to our family. He has a Masters degree in Business admin. When they came back his wife found a job right away- He on the other hand had a hard time. He has applied to numerous places and finally landed a job. The problem is the job pays horriably. He likes the job but feels like he went to school for nothing. They are starting to have doubts about coming home. He does have insurance with the job, but it is very expensive. His boss told him that this is most that he can make. He is considering reenlisting in the Airforce because he feels that they can make a better living this way with better benefits. We as parents of course do not want them to leave because who knows where they will end up and we want them to be close when the grandchildren come.

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answers from Atlanta on

Absolutely nothing wrong with your son wanting to re-up what with all the layoffs going on with major corporations (mine is in another one now - the 10th in several years that I've been there).

I'm pro-military and the benefits that you have when you're in. Also, you're under a contract so you basically have a set amount of years to actually HAVE a job. The spouse benefits are really good, too, as you can travel, experience life at it's best and keep making friends whereever you go. If you take the military with a GOOD attitude, then it will come back at you 10-fold. It did for me and mine and we've never, ever regretted our years with the Army, Air Force and Navy. My husband was in the AF and Army. I was in the Army and Navy.

I understand about wanting the grandchildren to be close but there's nothing wrong with traveling to where they are and experiencing some new places for yourself. My best friend is in her 30's and my godson is in England right now. She's travelled there many times to see the grandchildren and keeps in touch on myspace as well as videos and flickr and snapfish. You can definitely remain an active part in your grandchildren's lives with this day and age of the online post office :)

Your son sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders and is thinking about the benefits to his family if he re-ups. I can tell you are very proud of him and his life so far - let him continue to do what he feels is best for himself and his family. He'll have retirement pay to look forward to when he gets out and it will be a much better return than depending on social security to get him through the retirement years.

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answers from Charleston on

There are some consulting firms and corporations in the area that are always looking for prior military.
Lockheed Martin
Man Tech
Egan and McAllister
State job website
SPAWAR-go to federal website for listings
Wareonearth a ton of listings



answers from Savannah on

With any branch of the military, there are tons of employers that look at people with that back ground. For many reasons being job experience to descipline. I know with the Marine Corps, they offer a few different ways to go back to cilivian life including job hunting. Also, has he checked into a cilivian job at any of the Army bases near you? A lot of jobs are getting contracted by DOD now days because there are too few people joining the military and with most of our men and women in Iraq and Afganastan it has left a lot of positions short handed. Also, have him try seeing what has to offer with advice for job searching. I'm pretty sure they have a list of military friendly company's that hire previous military.

Good luck!!



answers from Atlanta on

Tell him to check out websites like,, you don't say what he does for a living, but it might be good to log on to Dept. of Labor listings and let them keep his resume on file for possible matches.



answers from San Diego on

Hi J.!
I feel your pain, my husband just got out of the USMC after 12 years. That's the only experience he has is the military, so it's been a pain. BUT, we also have faith in the lord, we've been faithful in our tithing and believing that GOD is our provider not MAN. Pray for them, just let him know that he doesn't have to reenlist to make it, GOD will provide for them. The world is getting ugly and with having a family he should stay clear from the military.
Good luck and God Bless



answers from Atlanta on

Maybe the website would be a great start also once you post your resume many companies have HR people that contact you to look at jobs they have posted. Like what I mean is these like head hunters. It's a start.

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