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Need Feedback About Jogger Strollers

R.M. asks from Salt Lake City

My husband and I are expecting our first baby (a boy!) and I really want to be able to get right back into vigorous exercising after he is born, (I plan to do a triat...


Need Opinions on Double Strollers!

K.C. asks from Dallas

I am currently searching for a double tandem stroller and need opinions! My daughter will be 28 months when my youngest daughter will be born at the end of this year....


Choosing a Double Stroller

S.E. asks from Honolulu

I am trying to decide what type of double stroller to get. I am due with baby #2 in Oct and my son will be 2 yrs old at that time. I used a stroller ALL the time an...


Do I Really Need a Double Stroller??

R.S. asks from Seattle

I have a 2 year old daughter who will 2 1/2 when our 2nd child is born, in June. I am trying to prepare for #2 and wondering what other mom's think about double strol...


Which Stroller Will Work Best for a 19 Month Old and Newborn?

S.G. asks from Los Angeles

I was wondering if any other moms who have had two children close in age could give me a suggestion on which stroller worked best for them. I have the opportunity to...


Double Stroller?

K.S. asks from Indianapolis

Does anyone have a double stroller they just love? I am looking for something that is light weight and easy to fold up to put in the car. I have a 15 month old and ...


Which Type of Double Stroller Is Best?

E.A. asks from Eau Claire

I'm throwing a baby shower for my best friend who is having her third child in May. She has a 6 1/2 and a 3 year old boy already, and this one is (finally) her girl!...


Need Double Stroller Advice

C.S. asks from Medford

Hi, I have 2 little boys (13 months and 27 months) and currently have a nice double stroller where one sits in front and one in back. I bought this style because I ...


Double Stroller?

K.T. asks from Seattle

I have two little boys - one is 23 months old,the other is 3 months now.The weather is getting warmer and hopefully we'll soon be sunny around here,so I am planning t...


Do You Have a Bike Trailer?

D.N. asks from Chicago

My husband and I are looking--or rather I am doing the looking--at bike trailers. We prefer a used one since they can be pricey. My 4 yr old is too big for the bike...