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Is It Ok to Mix Different Brands of Organic Baby Food?

S.D. asks from San Francisco

I feed my 7 month old Earth's Best Organic but I see some other organic brands that have some different things I would like to try out. Is it ok to mix brands or shou...


Can Anyone Recommend a Good Chlorine Free Baby Wipe?

M.E. asks from Jacksonville

I was using Earth's Best and ordering them off of Amazon, but the price has doubled! I was getting 12- 80 count packs for about $27. Can anyone recommend a wipe that ...


Is There a False Economy to "Make Your Own Baby Food"?

L.A. asks from New York

Ladies - I thought we'd be in the make your own camp, but to get started I ordered a set of earth's best fruits and veg from amazon. They cost roughly 75cents...


Organic Baby Food

J.S. asks from Detroit

We recently started feeding rice cereal to our 5 month old. I have been doing a lot of research in regards to baby food and organic foods. I know there is a list of...


When Can I Start Introducing Baby Food to My Baby?

D.D. asks from Tampa

I have a 4 1/2 month old baby that I take to her pediatrician on a regular basis. Her appointment is next Thursday but I was just curious about when other mother's st...


Looking for Safe Massage Lotion for Infant Massage

S.B. asks from Washington DC

I massage my 4 month old daughter every night with some lavander lotion made especially for infants by Johnson and Johnson. Although I've read the ingredients and ho...


When to Feed Baby Foods

T.H. asks from Dallas

I have a 4 1/2 month when should she start eatting baby foods?She is not getting enough from formula.


Which Formula to Give a Colicky Baby?

A.V. asks from San Francisco

One month old baby is getting very colicky. She cries for full 3 hours every evening. Which formula should we use? Any advise appreciated


Beech Nut Babyfood?

L.S. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms - I've seen Beech Nut babyfood advertised in parenting magazines and just noticed it for the first time in the store. Has anyone tried this? The brand portr...


Seeking Help for 3 Mo. Old Baby Constipation

C.M. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone, it's me again, you guys are the greatest when it comes to mommy advice. Here's my problem, my little guy is 3 mos. old now; his formula has been changed ...