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Updated on February 26, 2007
K.G. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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My son is almost 5 months old and started on Stage 1 fruits about 3 weeks ago. We started with pears, then peaches, bananas, applesauce and now we're onto sweet potato. The day we started applesauce he started getting what looks to be baby acne underneath and above his mouth. My husband thinks if he was allergic to applesauce it wouldn't have kicked in that quick, so he thinks he could have been allergic to the bananas. (I wait 4 days until trying a new fruit)... When I called the pediatrician she said maybe he's just sensitive to the food being on his face and told me to use Aquaphor on those areas before giving him his food (so it coats his face and protects it from the food) (Aquaphor is a healing ointment for dry,cracked, irritated skin). Well sometimes it looks better and sometimes it looks worse again...
Has this happened to anyone's child? What did you do? I guess if it's not better by next week I'll bring him to the doctor. I just don't know what I think because the Aquaphor doesn't seem to make a difference and if he was allergic to the bananas the acne would have gone away by now,right?..... Could he just have really sensitive skin??? PS. The applesauce was given 6 days ago and the acne is still there..
Let me also mention that my son is on Similac Alimentum due to his acid reflux. He's been on it for 3 months now and we never had a problem.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all your responses... Well almost 2.5 weeks later we finally found our answer, lotrimin AF... We go to a group practice and the 2nd pediatrician we saw finally gave me the answer I was looking for... She said it's like a fungus on his face from being moist, having drool, pacifier in his mouth, and food and told me to get the lotrimin AF from a foodstore, Walmart, Target, etc... By the 1st night, it was almost completely gone!!!!! It's been 5 days now and you can't see anything, I HIGHLY recommend this if your child breaks out due to the same reasons mine did. I'm supposed to put it on him twice per day for 2 weeks...

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kristy I had somewhat of the same problem with my baby. The daycare center personnel gave my baby some apple juice when he was about 3 months old, and it broke his neck OUT.It may just be the apple juice. My son doctor prescribed him nystatin ointment and the rash went away quick.

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My son had that problem when he was about that age, except it was more closer after birth. I learned from another mom if you put baby lotion on his face after you wipe down his face it helps keep it down. It will get better or it will get worse. I dont think it's a re-action because my son got it about 2 weeks after he was born. I was still breastfeeding. So don't worry it should get better, he's almost now two and no bayb acne



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Are you using jarred baby food or real whole foods? There could be an additive or preservative in the jarred food that is causing a reaction. Dr. William Sears ( recommends using real whole foods for first foods like bananas sliced thin so he can feed himself or ripe avacado cut in small pieces. I started my second baby off this way and then added one new raw or cooked fruit or steamed vegetable every two or three weeks. If you are breastfeeding and drinking cow's milk, cheese or anything with dairy in it, eliminate the dairy. Also since the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not feeding dairy products to children under one, a formula that is dairy based should not be used. Evidence based research is showing that dairy causes allergic reactions and it is also a contributor to Type II Diabetes in children. Try an *organic* soy based formula if you are using formula.



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Hi Kristy,

I would say to slow the pace of introducing new tastes. A couple of weeks on one is fine. Kids can handle spicy tastes, too, just not a bunch of different new ones at once. If you find him reaching for something on your plate, mash it up or cut it up into small pieces and let him try it. Soft fruits like bananas cut into small pieces are good, and he doesn't have to eat all of it, just have fun. Whatever gets in the mouth, great! Sure, it's messy, so plan for a bath time afterwards. It's not having or not having teeth that is important, as babies can mash with their hard gums just fine. We offered out kids more of what we were eating, but for a while did not add salt during cooking. Bake a potato. Give him that cut up, cooled, no skin, no salt, etc.

There are so many varieties of baby foods in the jars, parents get excited about trying all of them! Also, try Earth's Best Organic and the Beechnut Organics line if you haven't already.

As for the face break outs, babies don't need lots of creams on their faces. Warm water, gently (soft cloth, no rubbing) should help. I breast fed mine exclusively up to 6 months and then started on the solid foods. (All BF to a year or more)
I did see some break-outs on their faces, but just kept their faces clean. Babies drool so much that their chins break out in little pimples, nothing to get alarmed about. As for myself, I am allergic to cows milk, but can handle goat and sheep milk products. Also allergic to peanuts and wheat gluten. My kids have none of these problems (yea!), but I was watchful when I introduced these foods. It does take time for a rash to clear up, so don't try any new foods before that clears up. His body probably got overwhelmed by all the new foods in such a short time, so in a few days he should be fine. Good luck!



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My 8 mnth old Tryston has had that several times. At times he'll have no little bumps on his face and then it's almost over night he'll have like 5-10! My dr said that there's nothing you can do, just don't scratch, poke or squeeze them...because they'll leave scars and bleed alot. They are dealing with you're hormones in their'll go away eventually...and they aren't like teenage/adult zits...they won't leave scars or red spots just cause they were there.



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my son did the same thing, i used a little bit of cortizone cream or diaper rash cream. my son is teething and drools quite a bit so i think a combo of the food and the drool sitting on his chin caused it. what i did was try the food again to see if he gets a similar reaction. good luck!



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I've had the same problem with my oldest son, and I just let it go like my doctor said. It eventually went away after awhile of him being used to eating solids. but if it seems to be getting worse I would take him to the doctors just to have it checked out.



answers from Boca Raton on

Hi, Kristy!
Do not rush to give your baby a lot solid food so fast. For 3 weeks 5 different types is too much. I was started with mine kids with rice sereal with apples with formula for a month, than slow add 1 fruit souce in week or two and see a reaction.
Looks like your baby has an allergy reaction on some food. If you BF, don't eat eggs.
Don't give your baby any solid food for a couple of weeks, no juices, only formula, or BF, and warm boiled water. If the rush will not comes off, then try to change formula from milk base on soy base formula and see a reaction for a few days.
While this time do this: get dark raisin with seeds in organic store or any supermarket. Take 3 table spoons of raisin, wash in cold boiled water, then put in thermos, add 1 glass hot boiled water, it has to stay 1 hour. You've got raisin tea.
When raisin tea is cool off like room temperature, gentely sponge all rush area on your baby 3-5 times a day, also after the bath, and give him to drink it also 3-5 times a day, like a regular water( start with a dropper - 1-2 droppers in one time). Every day make a fresh raisin tea. Or you can do it before you going to sleep at night and in the morning the raisin tea will be already ready.
And try do not use any ointments on your baby, only one cream is realy good for rushes is "Eucerin", bc this cream doesn't close a scin pores and scin breathing. ( i am using "Eucerin" on dipers rushes for my babies).
My baby had an alergy reaction on formula at 8 month old and it was really bad. And raisin tea was like a life water for us.
Allergy reaction will appear really fast, literaly on next day or two. Also it depends on how sensative baby is, or if parents has some allergy.
If you feel to call me, any time: ###-###-####
Best wishes,



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Is is most likley not an allergy. Several of my children got that. We found that is was just at the age of starting solids, they drool a bit. That area is an area were formula, drool, breast milk etc is likley to go. Cleaning up only further irritates it. Keep the area clean though. And it seems a lot of people just have sensitive skin around the mouth, irritated by just about anything.



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Good Morning Kristy,

Hello, I hope your little one is doing better. I know how scary it can be when your child develops a rash and you don't understand why. I have been there. My first suggestion is to make a daily journal of the foods & juice that your child has along with the time you gave these. If you are still BF and you notice the rash, it maybe something you are eating or drinking. This advise came from my youngest daughter's allergist.

My oldest daughter now 8, as an infant had an instant reaction to peaches and/or any juices containing peaches. Wherever the peaches touched her skin: face and hands would develop a rash. This is something she grow out of by the age of 3.

My youngest daughter now 4 still has reactions from anything with strawberries and cinnamon. Some detergents & fabric softners as well. As an infant it was large patches of hives along with diarrhea with any foods or juices that contained these ingredients. She loves cinnamon but she still has some reaction to it, usually complaining of her skin itching all over. You can feel the tiny bumps but usually can not see them.

They say they can grow out of the allergy in due time, but in the mean time you will get very use to reading all labels of foods and juices.

Take Care,




answers from Washington DC on

It sounds like sensitive skin and not an alergic reaction. My daughter's cheeks and chin got a little irritated when we started solids but it's better now (6 weeks later.) We have to use extra sensitive bath wash (huggies) and Cedaphil lotion on her anyway due to her sensitivity. My doctor has also suggested Aquaphor (or vaseline) to coat her cheeks as a seal against the food. Good luck!

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