Adult Child: Zyrtec

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Unusual Behavior May Be Linked to Children's Zyrtec Allergy Medicine

S.C. asks from Louisville

My 7yr old son has been taking Children's Zyrtec Allergy medicine for the past 2 weeks. My husband and I have witnessed some major behavior changes in our son. He s...


Allergy Relief

D.S. asks from Houston

My four year old is suffering from allergies....eyes watering....swollen...itching and sneezing. He looks miserable. The dr. has suggested a 1/2 tsp of zyrtec twice a...


Allergy Specialist Versus Ears Nose and Throat Specialist

S.B. asks from Houston

My 3 year old (4 in Jan) has had a runny nose since he was born. It's a constant problem for him and us. We've tried Claritin, Zyrtec, and he's currently on Singulair...


Life Without a Cat... How Miserable...

N.G. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms! I have always been a fantatical cat lover! They are just wonderful creatures! When I moved out of my parents' house, I immediately adopted three cats. ...



J.H. asks from Charlotte

Has anyone seen adverse side effects in their children from Nasonex? My 2 year old son was just prescribed nasonex due to a mold allergy. Thanks for your help!


18-Month Old Toddler Keeps Waking up at Night

J.I. asks from Dallas

I have a 18-month old toddler who wakes up at night every 2 hours. We have gone to the doctors for this problem but without good success. We have put her on Prevacid ...


Son Is Always Sick

M.M. asks from Chicago

My 1 year old son was hosptialized at 2 & 4 months with a cold & RSV & because of this difficulty at a young age the Doctor diagnosed him with asthma. I know he does...


Daughter Has Cough for a Long Time and Now Fever

M.F. asks from Muncie

I am seeking advice on my 7 yr. old daughter. She has had a chronic cough on and off for about 3 years. We have been to the dr. many times for it and they have diag...


Thinking About Getting a Cat ~ Need Input!

T.S. asks from Detroit

We are thinking about getting a cat. Where do you recommended getting one? What are some of the costs involved? We have a friend and family member (not in our hous...


Cough That Will Not Go Away

T.A. asks from Dallas

I have an 18 month old who has had a cough for the last 3 weeks! No fever. No signs of being sick. It seems to be worse at night. He has been on 2 different types of ...