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Updated on May 21, 2008
L.G. asks from Dallas, TX
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I got the OK from my son's pedi that is was okay for me to take Zyrtec while breastfeeding. I have KILLER allergies! She said she took it herself while breastfeeding. It says it is definitely NOT recommended if breastfeeding on the box. I told that to my pedi (I'm sure she knows this...but still) and she still said it was okay. She did say the Zyrtec D would not be okay.

Have any of you other moms taken Zyrtec while breastfeeding? FYI-I have never had a supply issue with my milk with my 1st or 2nd baby. Just want some MORE personal success stories. I'm driving my husband crazy with my deep manly cough due to these allergies.
I use Flonase usually, but it doesn't seem to be cutting it this year.


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I took regular Zyrtec the entire time I was pregnant and nursing my second son. I nursed him for 13 months and he is a perfectly healthy, active boy!! The only time my doctor recommended that I not take it was during my 1st trimester.

Hope this helps ease your fears.




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I took zyrtec since it came out. I never stopped except in the beginning of last pregnancy and couldn't live without it. son is now 8. He was breastfed also. I think the main thing you may notice is that the baby might get sleepy. I think that would be my only concern and I didn't seem to notice anything like that more than usual. I also use Rhinocort and it works TONS better than flonase for me. The rhinocort is a low dose steroid directly into the nasal passages and is safe for longterm use. It is one of the only things that keeps me from having such killer symptoms. I was having sinusitis and antibiotic use monthly as well as ear infections, drippy nose, sneezing, watery eyes, itchy throat,etc, and that was in addition to my zyrtec use. I had the sinusitis about once every 3 months after starting the rhinocort, but that has even slacked off to none in the last 6 month period with the continual rhinocort use. It is prescription so you will have to talk to your doctor. Mine is very conservative by most standards, and I have a year round prescription.
Good luck on the allergies.



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I took zyrtec while pregnant and while (still) nursing. We didn't notice any side effects. I have asthma induced allergies, so it was easier on both of us to control the allergies with zyrtec instead of having an asthma attack. Have you seen an allergist? The deep manly cough could be a sign of something more serious, like asthma, and you might need something better. I couldn't use steroid nasal sprays. I used to take nasalcort but once I got preggo, my allergist took me off it and told me to take nasalcrom, an otc, instead. I tried taking flonase while nursing and my bb who had started sleeping through the night stopped. So, it was back to the nasalcrom. Oh, his pedi did say that the zyrtec might make him sleepy, but we didn't notice anything. Good luck with the allergies!



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Good morning L.! I feel your pain. I have horrendous allergies also. My son is 9 months old now. When he was 4-5 months old, I was having ridiculously severe allergy attacks daily. When I asked the local pharmacist (who was a friend)about taking meds while breastfeeding & he said most meds are passed into the breastmilk. I had to make that call on whether the allergies were severe enough to take the medicine or to tough it out without the meds. Tylenol is okay because babies take infant Tylenol. What he reminded me was that taking (most OTC medicine) while breastfeeding is a personal choice. You have to do what YOU FEEL IS BEST for you and your little angel.

Another option to think about is contacting your hospital's lactation or nursing consultant. At the hospital I gave birth at, they had a lactation consultant type person on staff. She was a great help to me. I still contact her when I have a question about my son and nursing.

I do hope you feel better. Good luck with your choices. Have a fabulous week!



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I love Zyrtec! I have been taking it for several years. I did take it while pregnant (not first or third trimester because I didn't need it) and nursing because my OB said it was okay. He said Zyrtec D was NOT okay. Personally, what I did was reduce how often I took it, taking it only on days when I had unbearable symptoms, for my own peace of mind. I was worried about supply issues even though I haven't had any problems with it at all. I guess we all worry about different things! Anyway, if your son's pedi says it's okay, go for it! Stick to suggested dosing per the label. If it makes baby drowsy, you can always adjust what time of day you take it so that it impacts your son less. I always get more drowsy right after I take it rather than 12 hours later, so I take it at night after my daughter goes to bed. She takes a morning nap whether I've taken Zyrtec or not, so it doesn't affect her adversely at all. Good luck with those allergies! I'm right there with you!



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I FEEL your pain with the allergies! My OB/GYN also told me Zyrtec was a no-no. He said Benedryl was okay, although it can make you drowsy. It's been around for over 50 years and has been tested extensively. My personal opinion is these new meds haven't been researched extensively and what they say is okay today, might be a different story in the future.

I also used a nasal irrigator with a saline solution while pregnant. 100% safe and natural. It cleans most of the irritants (dust, pollen, dander etc.) from your nose and throat. You can buy the kit at Central Market.

Good luck :)

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