Toddler: Zyrtec

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Zyrtec and Breastfeeding

J.G. asks from Canton

Did anyone else have trouble producing milk while on Zyrtec? I am no longer breastfeeding and am disappointed that I was unable to produce milk for my son. I went t...


Zyrtec for Kids ?

A.G. asks from Dallas

Our six year old is coming home with swollen eyes, congestion etc and I think it bad allergies. Any suggestions of what one can use for allergies for kids. For me, I ...


When Zyrtec Is Not Enough...

C.J. asks from Dallas

My step son has slight asthma which almost never flares. He has allergies everyday. His mother does not keep him on a regular schedule of antihistimines as I did my ...


Zyrtec for a 9Month Old

E.C. asks from Chicago

I have read that you can give zyrtec at 6 months. Has anyone done this?


Allegra Vs. Zyrtec

J.J. asks from Eau Claire

Has anyone tried both Allegra & Zyrtec? I am wondering if you noticed a difference. I was taking Zyrtec every morning for the last 3 weeks and my itchy throat and run...


**UPDATED** Zyrtec Recall Info

☆.A. asks from Pittsburgh

My son takes Zyrtec for seasonal allergies. We just made the leap to the original prescrition strength which is the adult dosage, package, tablet.... My neighbor wa...


Singulair or Zyrtec...what Do You Prefer?

P.2. asks from Raleigh

My 13 year old has allergies and he was put on Zyrtec last year but this year they have gotten worse and I was thinking of trying Singulair.... which one works better...


Zyrtec Vs. Nasonex

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

My 2.5 year suffers from a chronic wet cough. It's been months and months and the cough is still there. At one point, we gave him Zyrtec per the dr's recommendation...


Naural Alternatives for Zyrtec for CHILDREN

S.M. asks from Los Angeles

Dr. says my daughter ALMOST 5 has allergies (AS TOLD BY HER DR) He wants her on zyrtec for 2 weeks.any suggestions for natural remedies to deal with these allergies o...


20 Month Old Switched from Zyrtec to Allegra

M.H. asks from Charleston

my daugther was recently switched from zyrtec to allegra because she occassionaly had a runny nose. during the runny nose she was treated for sinus infection. i was...