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I Have a 5 Year Old Who Shuts Down.....

J.G. asks from Houma

Hello here one I hope you can really help me with... My 5 year old is VERY shy and she refuses to respond to us as parents and strangers when they ask her something e...


How Can I Help Ease My 5 Year Old's Teething Pain?

L.T. asks from New York

my 5 year old is getting some of her adult teeth and it's causing her pain. aside from pain meds, anyone have any advice?


"Off Brand" Disposable Diapers

M.D. asks from Nashville

Updated question: So if I buy the Target brand, and he is wearing a size 5 in the Luv's, what size should I get him from Target? Thanks so much ladies!!!! I ...


*IF* You Use Time Outs with Your Elementary School Age Child(ren) ...

M.R. asks from Washington DC

I realize that there are a million different approaches to time outs. Do you allow your child to ask questions during time outs? (I ask because dh and I use different...



C.R. asks from Dallas

HI LADIES , I am wanting to know some of you all's favorite recipes thats more on the easy side I myself doing alot of cooking but I am wanting to add so new dishes...


Memory Foam Mattress for a Child?

J.M. asks from Los Angeles

It's time to transition my 4 yr old daughter from a toddler bed to a twin bed. I am considering a memory foam mattress on top of a platform bed. Wanted to get advice...


Need Advice

T.E. asks from Richmond

My son whom is 7yrs old.. Does not like to go out side much to play with the kids in the area, He luv to play his video game and watch Tv.. Should I be concerned that...


Safety Harness Question

S.G. asks from Norfolk

I'm sure this has been thoroughly covered elsewhere, but I was interested in the opinions of those moms who are opposed to using a safety harness. How is that differ...


OMG: I Can't Find a Diaper That Doesn't Leak....

A.J. asks from Sacramento

Ok Mom's I need some advice..I can't seem to find a diaper that doesn't leak for my 9 week 12ish lb little boy. I never had this problem with my first son. We used Pa...