17 Month Old Won't Climb

Updated on June 01, 2011
T.G. asks from Lansdale, PA
8 answers

My 17 month old won't climb on furniture. It seems like he can't do it. He climbs stairs, but he has a hard ti e climbing up things. Should I be concerned?

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answers from Philadelphia on

You're the luckiest Mom in the world! Ha ha. :) All kidding aside, my kid really didn't start seriously climbing until about 19-20 months... He loves to get up on the kitchen table to push the answering machine button... I think you're in good shape. No worries. :)

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answers from Sacramento on

no - be glad!! He will catch on - and then you will wish he hadn't!! LOL

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answers from Kansas City on

I wouldn't worry. My son is 20 months and still doesn't have much interest in climbing on the furniture or beds. He can do it, but most of the time he wants you to help him OR he's more interested in climbing stairs or climbing to try and get into the sink or stove! I think I'd like the couch better! LOL! Anyway, as long as he is climbing stairs and could climb onto something else like playground equipment, tall curbs or rock walls, stuff like that, he's probably fine.



answers from Chicago on

Yeah agreed - it's not such a bad thing! My daughter, who's my 2nd baby, I found STANDING on the dining room table one day when she was 17 months old. Little monkey. She's always been agile - sat up at 5 months, crawled at 7, walked at 11 months...but my son was way later on his gross motor development. At 17 months he still wasn't climbing either...and couldn't jump with 2 feet off the ground until well after 2. She's been jumping since about 20 months (she turns 2 next week). Anyway, point is, they're all different. My pediatrician has developmental checklists for each age - they actually have them posted on their website which is great for when I need to check something in terms of what they should be doing.

I'd be more concerned about his gait when he's walking, whether he seems unsteady at all or you notice anything unusual..otherwise he's probably just developing a little later in terms of climbing. As always, just put a call into your ped to ask what they think. But I bet in a couple of months you won't believe you posted this as you're rescuing him from climbing on the box he just put on top of the couch!



answers from Portland on

Does he have good muscle tone? Is he coordinated in general? I would bring this up with his pediatrician. He may have a developmental delay in which his muscles are not getting clear messages from his brain.

Then again, he may just be a bit slow in taking on that task.

IF he needs physical therapy to teach his brain and muscles, now is better than later in getting it done.



answers from Philadelphia on

You could help him climb up on things? I remember my daughter needing help climbing up on things a lot at that age. Maybe the stairs are just so fascinating right now he isn't interesting in climbing on the couch. I would not be concerned, based on what you wrote.



answers from New York on

If he's climbing stairs and he's walking, then he's probably fine. "Climbing" isn't a developmental milestone. He's probably just not interested in climbing on furniture. My son didn't discover the "joys" of jumping on our couches until he was 2. Once he figures it out, get used to having one eye and one ear on the furniture at all times!



answers from Chicago on

I would like to echo luv my wonderful life's response (the first one).

I wish my kid didn't climb as much! He's 18 months old and I swear he'd climb to the top of the house if he could!

He's going up the stairs so I would think that means he understands the mechanism and how to coordinate the movements. But, to be sure, ask at his 18 month checkup.

Good luck and seriously, be happy he isn't a little monkey. Maybe he'll stay in his crib for a much longer period of time which, trust me, is a good thing! :)

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