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Getting A&D Ointment off Clothes, Hair, and the Smell Out of the House

J.P. asks from Chicago

My adorable 2 1/2 year old niece just emptied an entire tube of A&D ointment on herself. While mom and dad were talking in the other room, she squeezed it out and ru...


Diaper Rash

M.B. asks from New York

My son has a bad diaper rash. Desitin is not working. I've been using A&D ointment. Is there anything else I can use or do?


Severe Diaper Rash

N.B. asks from Minneapolis

My 10 month old has really bad diaper rash. I have always A&D and it has worked in the past. It's really starting to hurt her and I feel horrible. Does anybody hav...


Rash on 6 Month Old's Bottom

J.R. asks from Minneapolis

Our six month old has a rash on her bottom. We noticed a small couple of spots so started putting on A&D Ointment and change her every couple hours, whether really w...


Diaper Rash Treatments

A.S. asks from New York

My second child (1 week old boy) has diaper rash all over his little bottom. I never really experienced this with my daughter (now 2 years old) so am not familiar wi...


Bad Diaper Rash

A.C. asks from Huntsville

My 10 month gets such bad diaper rash, some times it blisters and bleeds, does anyone know what i can do to help this for her comfort. I use the A&D and that seems t...


Diaper Rash

C.H. asks from New York

I am looking for an alternative to Desitin, Balmex and A&D. My youngest has diaper rash on and off and the A& D does not work for her. She screams when I put Desiti...


Daughter Having Issues "Down There"

J.H. asks from Seattle

My 6 yo has been complaining of pain in her vaginal area, and it is very red. She wipes very well (possibly too well on occasion) and always goes front to back. She...


Anyone Had a Child with an Anal Fissure?

L.S. asks from San Francisco

My 3 year old daughter has an anal fissure due to hard/large stools. The doc put her on Miralax and it's helped her stool be soft, but she still bleeds at times. I to...


Dry Hands

E.M. asks from Louisville

My 5 year old daughters hands are so dry they are bright red and almost to the point of bleeding! every time i put lotion on she screams and says it burns ( which im ...