Is It Ok to Use Diaper Rash Ointment like A&D on Flea Bites on the Face?

Updated on November 10, 2017
A.B. asks from Beloit, WI
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Im a first time mom and i have 3 dogs and this is the first time I have came across a flea problem with any of my dogs. My 4 month old has tons of bites all over her cheeks, chin and eyelids. All I have in my house to use right now is A&D ointment and hydrocortisone that is 1% would either of these be ok to put on the bites? well besides the ones on her eyelids

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So What Happened?

I had tried calling her Dr the other day but never heard from her Dr at all. I just now got a phone call back they did say it was ok to use the A&D diaper rash ointment on the bites so we will see if it helps. The bites have been slowly going away over the few days but just wanted to use something to still help with the itching for her. As I have washed all my dogs and used a few flea treatments I don't have any carpet in the house what so ever so I've just been sweeping and washing bedding an everything every so often to help get rid of them. And I thank you for all your responses! :)

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answers from Springfield on

I would call her doctor and ask. You want to use the right medicine (ointment), and those might not help the bites.

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answers from Portland on

Sorry she's going through this.

My friend's baby had chicken pox at around that age. They had to have a special ointment for the baby's face, and calamine for everywhere else. Pretty sure they used pain reliever for the discomfort and had a medication prescribed for the itching (not sure how much flea bites itch). Aloe vera can be helpful too.

We had kids with eczema and also dermatitis. I do get using it for rashes like that but we never used it on their faces. (we had prescribed meds from the dermatologists though - as we'd gone in about their skin condition). It definitely helped soothe itchiness.

I'd try cool compresses - that's the way we went for itchiness on the face. They all recommended that and they seemed to find that soothing.

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answers from Washington DC on

Welcome to mamapedia, Ashely!

Do the bug bites look like this?

Why haven't you had a pest control company come out and spray for fleas and ticks?

I wouldn't use A&D on them as it's a different type of topical ointment. I would use what I would use for a mosquito or bee sting - baking soda and water...and ice

good luck!

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answers from Springfield on

personally i would not use diaper rash ointment on the face. its to close to eyes, nose and mouth where it could get in the eyes and be an issue, in the mouth and i don't want my baby accidentally consuming any amount of something like that.
coconut oil, or nothing at all for facial rashes and bug bites, i have also used lanolin on a chapped babies face to help it heal, (used on the breast by a nursing mother its safe for baby to get in mouth)

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answers from Norfolk on

I'm not sure A&D would help.
A&D is a barrier to irritants - which is why it works for diaper rash.
For a bug bite - well she's already been bit.
Talk with your pediatrician - something like Benedryl cream might help but be sure about what you can use on one so young.

First - in your place I'd be hyper freaked out at the thought of bugs all over my baby.
Second - are you sure it is what you think it is?
Some rashes can look like bites but be something else - chicken pox comes to my mind but there are many others.
It might be trivial - infant acne - or something more serious.
For some peace of mind - get to the doctor and get a diagnosis of what is going on and then follow doctors orders.

If it turns out you do have a flea infestation -
get the dogs treated and have an exterminator clear your house.

I hope she feels better soon!

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answers from Dallas on

Either call the dr or a pharmacist they would usually know that type of thing as well



answers from Chicago on

I would call the doctor and ask if it will actually help. I have used A&D ointment for eczema on my youngest when he was a baby. It did help seal in the moisture. This was on his face and legs. A friend once made a paste for her toddler with baking soda for bug bites and it helped the itching. But this was a toddler so might be different.

Also, make sure you have the dogs treated. If the fleas are so bad they are biting baby, it is bad and could get worse. We had a flea problem years ago from the cat. She actually died due to the fleas because they were that bad and she needed a transfusion due to the bloodloss. , I sprinkled Borax all over the basement where she was. Left it for a day and then swept it up. The fleas were gone. you could do that as well since baby is so young and not moving all over the house .


answers from Boston on

Poor baby. Flea bites are awful. It's weird that the fleas are choosing humans over the dogs though. Usually people get bad flea bites when they take the dogs to the kennel, and then the fleas feast on the people. So you must have a horrible infestation, so I'd talk to the vet and a pest control person. This is almost impossible to eradicate on your own.

I'm glad you heard back from the doctor, but I think it's unacceptable to not get a call back for a few days. I'd call the doctor and raise hell about that - or at least be more insistent the next time. If you don't hear in a reasonable amount of time (for something like this, I'd say 8 hours), then call again.

My concern with putting anything on the face is always that an infant can get her fingers in it, and then put her hands in her mouth or her eyes. So keep that in mind. It's not just whether the product is okay on her skin, but whether it's okay to ingest. Same goes for toddlers who can't be depended on to not touch things.

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