Walmart Brand Pediasure and A&D Ointment?! Has Anyone Used Them!?

Updated on November 13, 2010
B.L. asks from San Diego, CA
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My sons pedi recommended we give him Pediasure while moving (20 hour road trip from San Diego to Washington) because he won't drink cold milk. My only concern is how expensive pediasure is!! Has anyone used the walmart brands parents choice version? Same with a&d ointment, walamart equate brand is so much cheaper! Anyone who has used these or know someone who does, can you let me know if it's the same thingnor should I bite the bullet and pay for name brand? Thank you!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all the wonderful responses!!! I got the walmart brand Pediasure which has all the exact same ingredients as the name brand stuff and I think my son actually likes it better! I found it was actually cheaper to get the 1lb tub of name brand a&d and we go thru a lot so it all worked out! Thanks again ladies for all the advice!!!

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answers from Biloxi on

I've not used any of those items BUT I buy generic tylenol cold, ibuprofen, zyrtec. What I do is always read the ingredient label..if you can, hold both of them side-by-side to compare. Most of the items I have done this to are the exact same product..just a different name. I picked up this generic brand of some facial even had the company name of the regular item written on the back.

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answers from Kansas City on

We ahve used Parent's Choice version of the pediasure, but before I did I compared labels. I bought parent's choice and my daughter liked the chocolate one the best! As for the ointment, I have not used it before. Just check the labels an look at the active ingredients and as long as they are they same as A&D, it should work just as good.

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answers from Atlanta on

We've used the generic Pediasure, and I didn't notice any difference between the two. Haven't tried the generic A&D.

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answers from Springfield on

I haven't used those specific products, but we use lots of Parents Choice products and have no complaints. My son had to be formula fed, and the only name prand formula he got were the samples we got in the mail. Everything else was Parents Choice. Our ped said they were basically the same.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I almost always get the generic to everything, but i always compare the ingredients. and i've gotten the generic to pediasure and the A&D, both were fine!

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answers from Provo on

ditto! We've never had a problem with those particular generics :)

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answers from Houston on

I have not used the pediasure, but Gerber has a new dairy drink, it is by the baby juice. It is like 3 for less than $2 at our wal-mart. My son likes them. You might compare them. No refrigeration required.
The A&D by Equate is all I get and have gotten for 11 years. Works just as good. It is not as thick, but works great.

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answers from Washington DC on

I get it for my son when we travel and he's never had any problems or fought drinking it.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I use a lot of store brands, as long as the labels are the same, go for it.

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answers from Topeka on

I buy Generic brands in most medicines & diapers,ointments,baby wipes & they have all agreed with us.I compare the price to the name brand compare ingredinets & ounces & still end up paying less with Genric brands & get more quantity.USing coupons helps I have a wide range of items that are name brand/generic.Never had an issue with Generic A&D ointments,for really bad rashes I even used nipple ointments on their rears.It cleared up faster than anything else.
How much Pediasure do you plan on feeding him? I would get 1 Generic & 1 namebrand & see which he prefers if he gets an upset stomach or dislikes the taste whatever it maybe.Also buying milk say at the nearest stop let it sit out in the car cup holder for 20 min to get the chill off then offering it to him would be more feasable to me than buying him Pediasure & making sure your food items are packed seperately from everything else in the backset to offer him while on the road (didn't mention age)but as long as he is eating meals during the move I don't see going overboard on the Pediasure also offer water & diluted juices to him.



answers from Los Angeles on

I am not a fan of Wal-Mart so we shop at Target and we use both the pediasure and Target brand A&D, both are great-I think the pediasure is $6.99 for 6.

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