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Updated on May 03, 2019
M.6. asks from Woodbridge, NJ
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Racking my brain trying to think of a good gift for my soon to be 1 yr old nephew. I don't have much in the way of contact (brother and I are not close), but we do send gifts to the little kids.

This little one is an only child of parents in their 40's and literally has everything a child could ever ask for. Normally, I only do experience gifts, but I can't think of a good experience gift that a 1 yr old would enjoy! I briefly considered a museum or zoo membership, but that goes over what I would spend on a birthday gift :(

Right now, I have a sustainable materials/environmentally friendly, no battery needed, old style pull toy that looks really cute in my shopping cart. However, I could easily be persuaded to get something else - something better?

Thoughts? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the suggestions!!! I love gifting books for folks of all ages, but I know they have quite a little library going and I'm not sure if I would be duplicating one he already has. I didn't even think of a cute ride on, but in his case it wouldn't be really appropriate as there seems to be something going on. He is nearly a year and still doesn't sit up without some support, no babbling, no real reaching, no sign of crawling or pulling himself up - doesn't even push himself up while laying on his tummy. I'm not close to my brother and I'm not a fan of his wife, so I'm keeping my mouth shut about it (and I know that they are very good about dr appts and such so I am banking on the pediatrician saying something to them if there is anything to say at all). Anyways, he is miles from using a riding toy and I'd worry that my brother would think I was sort of pointing out his "delays".

The pull toy is locally made and sold, so at a minimum I'm supporting a local business even if my brother's little guy ends up not being really interested in the toy after all :)

Thanks again!!!!

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answers from Washington DC on

nothing better than a dr suess book. doesn't have to be for a 1 year old. they're all awesome.

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answers from San Francisco on

From birth to age three or so my go to gifts were books. Classic favorites. It's great to work on building that library before the child gets old enough to want toys as presents. And with all the reading that happens between parents and littles it's never wasted!

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answers from Norfolk on

For his first birthday our son got a Little Tikes Rock 'n Scoot Zebra (which they don't make anymore but you can get used off eBay) - and he just loved Stripe (as he called him) till he was almost 4.
This is one toy we've saved for when he has a family of his own.


Some sort of ride on toy with no batteries (hard to find something that doesn't make noise) is great for kids who are getting more mobile.

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answers from New York on

A pull toy sounds like a cute "classic"!

One benefit of ride-on toys and water toys and books - all mentioned below - is that their fun and "usefulness" lasts many years, until the child is even in school...maybe a longer "lifespan" than a pull toy.

But a nice pull toy really is a classic gift.

(Also - don't feel bad about not buying the museum/zoo idea. Parents really need to select for themselves the one that *they* will enjoy. For example, they might decide to buy into a museum at a level that includes cocktail parties and exhibit previews for themselves to do as date nights. Even the Bronx Zoo in NYC has cocktail parties for certain levels of memberships.)

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answers from Portland on

You might have already bought (if it was in your cart) and personally, I think that sounds cute.

Changing my answer because now I realize I must have given it when they were 2. This made a good summer birthday gift. (safe link, just amazon - and it's a sand/water toy for beach but also for home on the deck, etc.).


ETA: I liked getting books as gifts - like the Very Hungry Caterpillar etc. Those are nice collectibles, and parents can start reading them long before the kiddos can put their fingers in the holes. But as toddlers, they will start ... so the books grow with them. The other ones my kiddos liked were the brown bear, brown bear series etc. That might be Eric Carle too now that I think of it.

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answers from Denver on

Books! A gift bag or basket of some books - some that the baby can safely hold and feel and touch, and some that encourage reading together. Include some of the classics, including nursery rhymes and old familiar tales, and maybe something new and interesting as well. Stay away from the books that buzz and blink and make noises,that are little more than toys and commercials for kids' movies.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Pull toy sounds great. And as many suggested books are great.

Any toy requiring no battery is good. How about wooden puzzles -- shape, alphabet, or just 2-8 piece puzzles. Or instrument set, kitchen set, doctor kit, blocks, house cleaning set, bilibo.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

The pull toy sounds great. You can't go wrong with a good pull toy or a stand-up activity table for a 1 year old.
As an alternative, for kids that seem to have everything, I tend to go with things that need to be constantly replaced such as crayons (you could get the big fat ones for a 1 year old) and coloring books or playdoh.

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answers from Los Angeles on

One of those baby blanket pad that has an attached bar with handing toys so when they lay on their back they can look at and play with the toys.
Great for when changing the baby.
You could, also, mail a gift card to a baby store.
A DVD of calming baby music.

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answers from Columbus on

One of the best gifts that I bought my son at that age was a Magna Doodle. I bought it for his 1st birthday. He is now 8 and still uses it.

Over the years we have used it for everything from Pictionary to sight word practices. When his friends visit, someone always picks it up to draw.

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