Best Preschool Field Day Activities

Updated on May 24, 2011
J.K. asks from Cuyahoga Falls, OH
5 answers

Hello! I offered to coordinate some outdoor activities for my son's preschool class. I have a list of some games already, but I wanted to ask the expert moms out there for any other ideas. Any game ideas are appreciated!! Thanks!

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answers from Chicago on

wiffle (sp?) ball throw, race to the "line", my favorite from field day was shoe kick (everyone takes 1 shoe and kicks it as far as they can), tug of war

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answers from Kansas City on

My favorite field day activity was the shoe kick! I think a bunch of 4 year old could probably do it! Line every body up, have them loosen one shoe and then kick it off their foot as far as it will go! Whoever's shoe goes the farthest wins! I also think that any sort of race would be a hit too, or possibly a jump rope contest or even a limbo contest. You could also set up a little obstacle course to jump through hoops, wind around cones, go under a rope, etc. Have fun!!

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answers from Honolulu on

Well what is on the list you do have already?
So we don't repeat ourselves.....

Treasure hunt?

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answers from Nashville on

Our preschool did a bike day which was a lot of fun, they also had a water day where they had a slip and slide, baby pools, sprinklers, spraying water toys, etc They had transportation day where the Director called the fire dept, police dept, ambulance, etc and parent's who had 4 wheelers, trucks, tractors, etc all came on one day for the kids to get on and learn about.
they had a science day where they searched for bugs and studied them. They picked flowers and studied the types. you can have stations of games like hula hoops, jump ropes, etc on the water day. You can do carnival games and have each parent volunteer to set one up. our school has a carnival night where each classroom does a different game and the kids gets silly prizes. Things like the ducks in the pool with the numbers on the bottom, fishing for prizes behind a cardboard wall, cake walk, etc
have fun!

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answers from Atlanta on

My preschooler loved the potato sack race at his field day! Foot races and "ride on toy" races are also popular. They had some scooter races too. At that age you could also have throwing and kicking competitions to see who could throw and kick bean bags and balls tbe farthest.

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