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My 17 Month Old May Have Asthma, Need Some Advice

So we just got back from my daughters 15 month appt( it was late because we delayed her last set of shots) She has had a cough for months now and I brought her in to her doc. about 2 months ago because I was worried about it because she had already had it for a month. Well I told him that it is still there and it wakes her up at night and she really starts coughing when she is running around playing at the playground. He is worried that she may have viral induced asthma and suggested an inhaler. I was so worried about putting her on a...

Costumes & Make Believe

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Princess Dress or Other Dressy Dress

My daughter is having a princess tea party for her birthday this Saturday, and my plans for her dress fell through. Any idea where I can get a cute "princess" type dress for a 5T or size 6? I'd like something a little more substantive than a Halloween costume, although since I'm desperate, that may have to do! Really anything cute, dressy, but not too serious or expensive would be fine. Thanks for your help!


Dress up for Boys...

I am interested in getting my son (22 mths) some boy dress up clothes. I...


Dress up Day

Hi Ladies, I need help. My daughter's school is having a Disney dress up...