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Must We Price Everything at $1??

We are participating in a big "kids stuff" sale this weekend. Its called "Kids Nearly New Sale" and its at our local fairgrounds and familys rent booths and sell baby and childrens items, toys, clothes, etc. Now that our youngest is 14 months we are ready to sell off lots of baby stuff (swing, bouncy seats, baby tubs, etc) and a whole bunch of clothing, blankets and accessories. My mom has taken care of all her grandbabies at one point or another over the years and has accumulated a bunch of stuff too. So, we are sharing a booth. ...

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Skechers Shape-ups or Reebok Easy Tone

Hello! Just wanting input on the Skechers Shape-ups, Reebok Easy Tone and Reebok Easy Tone flip-flops. I am interested in getting a pair and wanted to know pros/cons/experiences/problems with these shoes. Thanks in advance!