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Suggestions for Clothing Brands for Big Baby

My 10-month old is very big (31 lbs, over 32" tall). I'm having trouble finding pajamas to fit him. Many pjs are made to fit snug for safety purposes and are very tight on my son's arms and legs. I'd like to find cotton sleepers with feet, because he has mild eczema and scratches his feet. Does anyone have suggestions for brands of clothing that are roomy?


18 Month Old Tantrums

My daughter gets so upset at times and screams so hard she can hardly breath...

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Aquaphor & Mylanta for Diaper Rash????

I read in either Parents or Babytalk that you can use a mixture of Eucerin Aquaphor and Mylanta on diaper rash and that it works great. Has anyone ever tried this? I'm about at my wits end with a never ending diaper rash on my daughter. It will go away for a day or two and then comes right back.