Clothes That You Cannot Fit

Updated on December 15, 2013
R.X. asks from Fayetteville, AR
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I was getting dressed last night. I pulled on two pairs of new pants that I bought last year. They were both way too tight. They both still had tags on them.

I walk daily. I'm exercise occasionally. I don't eat red meat. I walk the halls of my job much.

What do you do in similar instances? Diet and try to get back to your last year's size?

Does keeping these too tight new clothes around depress you- therefore, you put them out of sight and into a give away or sale pile?

Has them ever happened to you?

What can I do next?

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answers from Anchorage on

I consider my ideal size to be whatever I am at living a comfortable happy lifestyle. Fact is as we get older for many of us that may mean an increase in waist size. If my cloths get too small I let them go and move on. A woman could spend her whole life obsessing about those 10 pounds, or she could get out and live!

Blessed Be

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answers from Austin on

As we mature, we can weigh the same, but our bodies just change. They shift, they settle etc..

So you may not have gained any weight, but your body is shifting and changing.

There is a reason older women have to change the way they dress.

Also for some women that work out, that run, that do certain exercises, it can also change the muscles and add inches in some places, but lose in other muscles. .

Do not take it personally, it is just another thing we have to get ready for.

As a general rule. The clothing designed in California, runs smaller, than the clothing designed on the East side of the United States.

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answers from Las Vegas on

If I didn't have those jeans that don't fit, my closet would be empty!

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answers from New York on

A couple years ago I went through my closet and donated anything that didn't fit, that I hadn't worn in a year, that was no longer my style, and that I was on the fence about liking. When all was said and done I had about 7 items hanging in the closet and I was ok with it.

Once I got rid of all that baggage I concentrated on being healthier instead of being a certain size. I've gone down 2 sizes since that time (and bought clothes at the consignment store because I can get a lot of stuff without spending a lot since I'm still hoping to lose more weight). Reward yourself with new things instead of fitting into the old stuff.

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answers from Washington DC on

I usually donate stuff that doesn't fit, but as far as gaining weight...I just lost about 6 lbs. I cut out the carbs...(had sandwiches open faced with only one slice of bread)...cut out chips, crackers...all the bad carbs. The weight came off very easy...
You might try weight lifting classes...that builds muscle that burns more calories all day long. Also, getting older makes your weight shift...more belly fat...I weigh about what I weighed years ago, but my weight is in my chest, belly and back now...legs are smaller


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answers from Boca Raton on

Oh heavens yes.

I have decided that - if I haven't worn it in a year - it's going. If I suddenly lose weight I'll buy some new stuff.

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answers from Chattanooga on

If they are only a size too small, then I keep them in hope that I will fit into them again. Lol. One size feels manageable, so it's easy to convince myself that I can get back I to them.

Any more than one size, I upcycle them into something else... Usually a skirt or doll clothes for my Dd.

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answers from Las Vegas on

In my younger days :) I used to buy smaller clothing and say to myself, I will lose weight enough to fit into the clothing..... (even if just a few lbs) then time would pass and of course, I never lost the weight.. Eventually, I did get give the pants away. However, there were occasions where I did keep the clothing and then when I finally got into it, I didn't like the style!! :) UNLESS you are truly loving those pants OR if they act as a reminder to you that you have somehow failed to lose weight or keep it off, then get rid of those pants!!! Instead, continue on your wkout program, adjust your nutrition, what didn't put weight on you in years past, may now be the culprit, in my case, carbs......... not all, but mainly white flour carbs...
anything that raises your insulin level might not be your friend...

In the meanwhile, unless you love those pants so much and could turn this around and use the idea of fitting into them as a motivator to lose weight, then keep them.. if not, it's only self torture... Sale or give them away, and then.......... once you hit your goal, reward yourself with a cute pair of pants.... you've beat yourself up enough... Also, while you might have gained a few lbs.. it doesn't mean you've failed... you still walk everyday and don't eat red meat... you have in fact made progress... try not to let this deter... see this is simply a stepping stone... for every goal, there are many facets.. you've conquered quite a few thus far!!

Happy holidays !!!

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answers from Seattle on

My weight fluctuates quite a bit.

So I keep things.

In the usual course of things, Im wearing them within 5 years, and often within 5 months.

If not... I'll sometimes dig through my baskets and use them to patch, mend, or alter favorites which have worn out. Or I given them away to a houseguest who needs something. As my kids get older, this is often a friend of theirs after a water balloon fight, or slip in the mud, or painting day, or whatever. I like having things on hand.

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answers from Honolulu on

I have clothes that don't fit anymore. Pre-kid clothes. I also have clothes that are too big on me. ie: right after pregnancy clothes. And I have clothes that do fit me currently.
I dunno, I just have never gotten hung up on the size of my clothes or my body.
Its just me.
I used to be, pre-kids, in SUPER top shape, no fat on me, 6-pack abs, no underarm flab, my whole body was totally cut and toned and lean. Now I am chubby. So what.

I don't diet. But I do eat healthy. Its just how I have always eaten, ever since I was a kid.
The post-pregnancy flab and weight, just never came off.
Doesn't bother me.
I am on my feet, ALL day, pretty much, between my job and what I do at home. But I am this shape. And I am naturally not a snacker nor do I eat sweets.
Oh well.
Having size 3 clothes around, does not depress me.
My daughter can wear it, soon! I have some cool clothes still, even from back then!

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answers from Washington DC on


I don't think I've kept clothes with tags on them for a year!! LOL!!

I'm in the process of a lifestyle change...not just a "diet"...I've lost 16 lbs...I had fun going to my gilfriend's consignment shop and finding great deals on smaller clothes!

I would first go out and buy clothes that fit. Then make a commitment for a lifestyle change. Drink more water. Cut out carbonated drinks and make an effort to get back into my smaller clothes...if in two months they are still too tight? I would donate them and make a doctor's appointment to get myself checked my thyroid out of whack? Are my hormones freaking out? No problem getting it checked out...

Sometimes...keeping clothes that are too tight give me the incentive I need to get back into the shape I was or better...

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answers from Portland on

I go up and down a size fairly often so I have a wardrobe in two sizes. Another mom posted today about losing weight. I described how I did that and went down 2 sizes. So, I now have a wardrobe in 3 sizes.

This spring I sacked up the smaller sizes and fortunately I hadn't taken them to Goodwill. So I suggest you keep the pants and start eating less. I lost 20 lbs in 2 months by consciously eating less.

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