Matching Toddler Clothing and Baby Doll Clothing?

Updated on December 13, 2012
T.L. asks from Cuba, MO
11 answers

Where can I find reasonably priced clothing where my niece 2 almost 3 and her baby doll/babie can wear that matches? When I was growing up you could just go to Walmart and they had pj's for little girls that had matching pj's for her baby as well.

Any ideas ladies?


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answers from San Francisco on

I have seen matching outfits at both Sears and JC Penney, but they are for American Girl (or AG knockoff) size dolls.

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answers from Washington DC on

Kmart and Kohl's both carry some clothes (more at Kohl's). Dollie and Me can also be found on Amazon. It runs small, though. Order a size up for the kid. But I've otherwise been happy with them.

You can also try - she has a lot of cute stuff and is very nice. Depends on her stock though.

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answers from Seattle on

Kmart recently, and eBay always has a ton. Or google Dollie and me!



answers from Wichita Falls on

I've seen them at Dillard's



answers from Kansas City on

Kohl's, I just bought some in Aug/Sept. Kohl's is always good, discounted and coupon, can't go wrong. Good Luck....



answers from New York on

i saw them at kmart and kohls had some too i believe



answers from Kansas City on

marshalls has them often, but of course marshalls is hit or miss. at easter they had a LOT of dresses.



answers from San Francisco on

In summer I got a set of those at Kmart!


answers from San Diego on

They are expensive but American Girl sells little girl sizes and matching doll clothes for their Bitty Baby line which are smaller than their 18 " dolls. The Bitty Baby are 15".
Etsy may have cute things that are handmade.
I've not seen anything in stores though.



answers from Chicago on

Having not had a Walmart until I was already grown, I've never seen those.

That said, it depends on the baby.
Some of them are large enough to get preemie clothing to fit, and you can get them from gently used clothing stores like Once Upon a Child or Salvation Army/Goodwill.
They don't have to exactly match. You can get onesies and put a dress over them, and get a white t-shirt and a dress that is similar to go for her.

You can buy pre-made dress fabric and cut to fit. I have bought sundress material for my niece and her hello kitty build-a-pet by measuring under her arms(make sure you measure shoulder area for the straps for both her and baby or animal), and adding an inch for the hem, then getting the same for the baby or animal.
Next, you overlock the raw edges, and sew the hem together.
For the baby or animal, you measure the length, and trim the border to length, and overlock all raw edges.
Fold and sew hem, then sew side together. Finally, get a spool of matching ribbon to make the sundress straps, and cut four pieces, and stitch them to the dress where marked.
Knot each end of each strap to prevent fraying.
If you want to get fancy, you can make a "belt" by taking and measuring a belt sized length for both her and baby or animal.
Stitch to the sides with the solid band on the front of the dress, and knot ends of ribbon to prevent fraying. She can then tie it around behind her waist and make a bow.

Voila! Instant Mommy/baby outfits.

Hope this helps.



answers from Phoenix on

My mom just found a Christmas nightgown with a matching doll nightie last night at Kohl's.

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