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North County Consignment Store for Kids Clothes and Gear

My son grows so fast, he's only 7months and wears 18month clothes!!! I can't keep up $$$ with his new wardrobe every month. Do any of you ladies know where I can find a good children's consignment store in the North County? Also, we're expecting #2 so I'll need a double stroller and would really prefer not to spend $300+ for it. TIA

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Which Stroller Will Work Best for a 19 Month Old and Newborn?

I was wondering if any other moms who have had two children close in age could give me a suggestion on which stroller worked best for them. I have the opportunity to purchase a stroller or use the one I own. This is what I have: a new in box single jogger that I could sell for probably four hundred plus dollars. I can't return it since it came from the manufacturer as a replacement for another one of their models that was defective. I have a jump seat that will work with this stroller, making it a double, but I can see two big problems...