Halloween Costume for Toddler Who Prob Won't Leave a Costume On?

Updated on September 08, 2011
J.L. asks from Evanston, IL
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My 21 month old doesn't like to wear hats/gloves/etc. I suspect if we try to put him in one of the standard costumes with a hood, hands, feet, etc he'll just be angry and rip it off. Last year we dressed him as Charlie Brown, which was perfect since it was just a normal shirt and pants (with a stuffed snoopy on the side)! I'd like to do something similar this year, where the "costume" looks and feels more like regular clothes. One idea I had was a construction worker (jeans, white shirt, play tools on the side) but I feel like a construction hat would really complete that outfit and I don't think he'd leave it on for even a few seconds. Ideally I'd like to make/assemble it myself but I'd be open to buying something too. We could obviously just skip a costume for him this year, but his cousins are all going trick or treating and I'd like him to have the chance to go too.

So does anyone out there have any creative ideas? Any of your kids dress in costumes that weren't too "costumey"?

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So What Happened?

Great ideas everyone, thanks! I think I'm going to go to the thrift store and see if I spot any clothes that would match up with any of your ideas. And thanks for the suggestions of things to buy--always a good backup plan if I run out of time/energy!

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answers from Peoria on

My son has went as a drummer with normal clothes and his drum and drum sticks. Another hit was a train worker with bibs and a train shirt.

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answers from Washington DC on

Would he wear themed PJs and be a character? Like Buzz Lightyear? Or Spiderman/Superman/Batman?

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answers from Dallas on

You could do Diego. He wears cargo shorts, a tshirt, and vest. We did batman pjs that had a cape velcrod to it when my boy was little



answers from Pittsburgh on

Glove/hat hater in my family too!

Baseball player, football player, Super Mario,
Farmer, magician, doctor,



answers from San Francisco on

anything with sweatshirts and sweatpants - when my twins were that age, I got them red sweatshirts and sweatpants and attached two circles of white cloth (cut from DH's old t-shirts - in hindsight, felt or craft foam would have been easier to work with) that had "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" written on them with Sharpie marker.



answers from Dallas on

Here's a fun link.

They're pics for older kids, but I thought the laundry kid was funny. Try googling for ideas. My son was a lego last year - don't know if it would be comfy for your guy, but we left the hat part out of the costume and he loved it :)

Have fun!


answers from Richmond on

My son was Charlie Brown last year too!! :)

What about a cowboy? He doesn't have to wear the hat on his head, he can wear it around his neck if it has a string (or you can rig one on there)...



answers from Spokane on

My son was the same way at 2 1/2 and we dressed him as a train engineer - we already had the striped overalls and when we went to see Thomas at our rail yard we bought him an engineers hat. He wore the overalls and each time he rang a doorbell we quickly put the hat on his head - he was so excited to receive the candy that he didn't realize the hat was on his head. As soon as we started off for the next house he pulled the hat off and handed it to me! :)


answers from Dover on

Regular clothes would be perfet...just pick something:

Athlete (shirt, pants, sneakers, and the ball of choice)



answers from Chicago on

UPS delivery person - brown pants and shirt. Cut the logo off of a UPS envelope and pin/glue on shirt. He can carry a box around (with added handles) to collect candy.



answers from Los Angeles on

I like your idea of the construction worker. I think you should go w/that.
You could fashion a tool belt to hold those light, plastic tools.
Bring the hard hat just for pictures or when you get to the door to say
"trick or treat" then take it off.
You could dress him in all white and he could be Casper (esp if he doesn't have a lot of hair yet.
We bought a dog costume last year. He wouldn't keep the head part on
so I only put it on when we went to the door. I put a little bit of black
on his nose & drew a few in whiskers in safe 4 baby skin makeup.
Brown sweats, brown sweatshirt (if cold or just pants/t-shirt if not) w/a
rope around middle for a monk.
All white tee, pants, coat w/a Dr. So-n-so patch & a stethascope (sp?)
Orange tee, orange pants w/orange beanie w/green stuff for pumpkin.
All brown clothes, headband w/brown felt cutouts for ears you glue on &
only put on @ door to say trick or treat = bear.
Black & yellow striped tee & pajama bottoms, headband w/antennae for a



answers from Dallas on

gymboree.com - get the skeleton pajamas, they glow in the dark, and they're on sale for $10.99 - he's "dressed up", but really still in pajamas!

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