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Updated on September 18, 2007
A.L. asks from Cedar Park, TX
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Hi ladies, we are planning our christmas trip to New Mexico (it was Colorado but changed our minds) to Taos and Santa Fe for this Christmas and we are spending three nights in the ski valley of Taos en other three nights in Santa Fe. We are renting the ski gear over there (just one day of lessons) but was wondering what do we need to bring as far as clothing and where can I find that reasonable priced in Dallas? I have two boys (2 and 8) and we have no clue as far as what we REALLY need to buy, since this is a one time thing. Thank you so much for all your suggestions.

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answers from San Diego on

You will love Taos, that is our hot spot for winter and summer! You'll find the locals there to be very friendly and everyone is so relaxed. And Taos Ski Valley is great! That mountain is nice because they don;t allow snow boarding there (only in Angel Fire), so I never have to get worried about being run over or getting in anyones way. I think I'm more worried about being in other people's way more than anything! :-)

For clothes, ask friends like one of the moms suggested. Ebay, craigslist. Sun & Ski Sports at Grapevine Mills has a big selection and usually good sales. Mountain Sports in Arlington.

Good luck finding what you need! They'll need a pair of thick socks to wear under their ski boots and maybe a shirt two to layer under their bibs and jacket. I learned not to wear two pairs of thin socks together because it just traps in the moisture and your feet freeze, doesn't feel so good when the toes go numb! They may need ski goggles, hats of course, and gloves.

Have a great trip!! If yall make it out to dinner while in Taos, I suggest The Old Blinking Light and Michael's Kitchen. And if you and your husband enjoy beer, there is a brewery called Eske's. It's family friendly, a small little place. Good food and good beers.


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answers from Dallas on

We took our 3 year old skiing last winter. Your kids will need hats, gloves (or mittens), snow boots, ski bibs (one piece so that the snow doesn't go down their pants), a jacket, and goggles or sunglasses. We bought the ski bib, and snow boots on ebay..for cheap!! They were practically brand new and great brands (Lands End). Under his ski bib he wore thermals (or pajamas), a sweatshirt, and some good socks. Good Luck and have fun!



answers from Dallas on

I was just at CCA and Thrift World today and saw snow boots and some ski jackets. The boots and gloves are the MOST important thing. Make sure you get gloves that are not fabric mittens but water resistent material.



answers from Auburn on

There's a huge ski clothing store in historic McKinney, I think it's called Doug and Linda's or something like that. They have all you could want but if you never plan on going again, it's quite an investment to make so you may want to try and find cheaper alternatives as the other's suggested. We went to Taos five years ago this coming Feb. It was ok enough but from what I've heard others describe the places in Colorado, Taos is a little lower on the niceness totem pole. We did enjoy the all day kids ski program, my daughter was 4 at the time, she had a blast with them but it was very pricey, about $90 for 9:00 - 4:00. Have a great trip :-)



answers from Dallas on

We went to Taos last year and it was great. And Ive been to CO twice. I bought a bunch of our stuff on ebay. Borrowed from friends. And picked up from around town...Sams, Target, sky shop in Grapevine Mills. Have fun!!!



answers from Dallas on

We moved from Utah a little over a year ago and didn't ski much, but did play in the snow a lot! The Children's Place usually has ski bibs in the fall, and these were great. If they're not in the stores, try online. They're not expensive and will be fine for a trip. Wear thermals or snug fitting pajamas under them...that traps the heat next to your skin. Waterproof gloves are a must...again TCP usually has them. TCP also has a great 3 in 1 coat that is great for Texas winters...the lining zips in and out for the variation we have here! Layers are the big thing to think of.
For socks, we used the wicking-type socks to get the moisture off our feet, but stuck with thinner ones. That sounds backwards, but it works better for skiing. Snowboots don't have to be expensive, just make sure they are waterproof. For snowboots, we used another thicker pair of socks over the thin ones, it doesn't trap the moisture that way.
Dicks' Sporting Goods should have goggles. They make junior sizes for about $15-20. They'll have the other stuff too, just watch prices...no need to spend a fortune for stuff you'll only use once!

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