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9 Month Old's Sore Bottom

My 9 month old has an extremely sore bottom. He is teething and has been having frequent bowel movements that are somewhat liquidy. Consequently he has been getting sore. The soreness is no longer just reddened, there are actually sores. It looks painful. :( I am looking for ANY suggestions. I have tried neosporin, baby powder, baby oil, zinc oxide ointment, bathing each time he poops. Diaper wipes seem to have made it exceedingly irritated. Thank you much....Jeannie

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Home Made Butt Paste Recipes (With Maalox) for Severe Rash~

When my daughter was little, the Dr recommended some concoction for her frequent outbreaks of horrid (bleeding open sores..the whole bit) diaper area rash. Often it was yeast involved as well. It would change from one diaper change to the next. We would do as much cloth diapering as we could when at home, etc and that helped a ton (water only paper towel wipes as well). But I do not remember what the recipe for the Maalox included concoction was and a friend is in need (My child is 16 now, so it was many years ago for me!). Anyone have a...