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Gerber Training Pants/Waterproof Pants

Hi Mamas. I am trying to find the training pants (not pull-ups) that look like really thich underwear and the waterproof pants that go over those. My sone is 3.5 and will go EVERYTIME I take him, but is too busy doing everything to stop and go. I think he feels like he's wearing a diaper so why bother! I need a store to actually buy them in vs online as I do not have a cc that I can use. Financially strapped beyond belief right now and not spending $9.00 every 3 days on pull=ups would mean I could eat dinner more than once per week ...


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Does Anyone Use Earth's Best Organic Formula?

I just saw a news report today that stated "Rocket Fuel" has been found in infant formula. In the study, they said they can not identify which brands were's the same story when they found melamine in some of the brands! So, I was thinking about switching to Earth's Best Organic Formula because I already use the organic rice for my 6mth old. So, do you or do you know anyone who uses organic formula? Did it have any different side effects? Any advice would be appreciated...breastfeeding is no longer an option.


Organic or Not????

Want to know what others know/think about organic food/ organic everything...


Organic Formula Issue

I have been working real hard to make sure my 8 mos. olds diet is as good as...