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Updated on September 26, 2010
S. asks from Dallas, TX
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My daughter is having a princess tea party for her birthday this Saturday, and my plans for her dress fell through. Any idea where I can get a cute "princess" type dress for a 5T or size 6? I'd like something a little more substantive than a Halloween costume, although since I'm desperate, that may have to do! Really anything cute, dressy, but not too serious or expensive would be fine. Thanks for your help!

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So What Happened?

Everyone had great suggestions! (I don't like to shop, so I never know where to look) I went to Kid to Kid and saw the assortment of princess dresses - all very cute! I remembered, however, that we had some tutus at home that are real cute, so instead of getting a princess dress, I bought a bunch of play clothes and some church dresses! I seldom get over to K2K but love it - who can feel guilty spending $4.50 for a nice dress?!

Thanks to all you moms for your great suggestions. If anyone ever wants to be our personal shopper, let me know. ;)

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I was at Toys R Us yesterday,and they have a whole line of princess type dresses. I think they were $20, and they aren't super high quality but something like that might work.

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I was at the shops of Legacy last week and they had expensive dresses all on sell for $50 in the window!! It was right next to Taco Diner. The store sold wedding dresses and flower girl dresses. Good Luck, L.

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I happened to notice at the Collin Creek mall yesterday that the Disney store had all their princess dresses on sale for 25% off. I think the prices range from $20 to $50 for their princess costumes, depending on how extensive the outfit, so that would be 25% off that price. Party City also has discounted princess dresses. Good luck (mother of 2 - 4 yr old princesses)

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Call Once Upon a Child, they may have something for you. There is one is Flower Mound.

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Hey S., you might try Kid 2 Kid. I was in there yesterday and they had a few. They were really cute too, and not very expensive because it's a resale shop. Best of Luck. God Bless.

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I was at Kid to Kid in Plano at Midway/Parker over the weekend and they had some cute princess like dresses there (in those sizes).



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I have bought 4 dresses over the years from a beautiful website
The woman who makes them is fantastic to work with. She has some styles on her website to choose from but if you email her directly, she can make anything or any style that you need in any color. My oldest daughter wanted a dress in her school colors and my youngest wanted a fairy princess dress in her favorite colors (pink and purple) and they were gorgeous!
AND they are a good price.
I hope this helps.



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If you can find a nice simple dress - I can give you some really simple ideas to dress it up. All you need are some silk flowers that match the dress. It's about an hour project, and super easy. If you want complete instructions let me know. Please email me. Thanks


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