Where Do You Shop for Clothes? - Chicago,IL

Updated on August 04, 2010
S.B. asks from Chicago, IL
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I have been having a problem for awhile now that I can't find a decent store that has clothes that are comfortable, age appropriate, and fit me. I am a 30 year old mother of a 9 month old, and I am about a size 18. When I visit the plus size sections in department stores all I seem to find are ugly, tent-like, old lady shirts and stretchy pants. I want to dress somewhat stylish but still be comfortable since I have a little one to look after. I see ladies my size that dress nicely, wear shorts in the summer and t-shirts that are good quality and cute. Where do you shop? Are there any catalogs or websites you recommend? I am not wealthy, so I need affordable, good quality clothing. Thanks for your help, I'm tired of pajamas!!

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answers from Austin on

I like to buy shirts from Walmart and Kohls, and shorts from JC Penneys. I also like to shop at Avenue, but don't end up buying much there.

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answers from Richmond on

I'm not the same size as you, but I LOVE the things I see in Lane Bryant! They even have pretty underthings ;) Everytime I pass the store I end up going in, wishing they made some of that stuff in my size. Very fashionable, very pretty, very flattering stuff. Best wishes!

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answers from Chicago on

Hi, you can try Lane Bryant. Sometimes they have expensive clothes but when they have a sale, it's a sale. Also try New York & Company. They go up to a size 18 and they have nice clothes. They too have really good sales.

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answers from Saginaw on

You could try shopping online at Kohls or Old Navy.

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answers from Chicago on

I am surprised no one has mentioned Faith 21 (the plus size line of Forever 21). Great prices and trendy styles. They are online and I know the York Town Mall stocks the Faith 21 line. I just got a pair of jean shorts there for 11.80. They have a ton of very cute summer dresses. I am always asked where I got my clothes when I wear clothes from there.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Old Navy has plus size on their online store, you can find some age appropriate things at Torrid, even though that is viewed as a "younger/hip" store, you can find a great selection at Fashion Bug. They key is to be creative and peice together different things from different stores, rather then buying every outfit at one store. I shop anywhere from Layne Bryant (mostly clearence), Torrid (mostly clearence), Old Navy, Fashion Bug, Ross, Target, Wal-mart, and even thrift stores.
BTW I am a plus size girl =)


answers from Chicago on

I think Fashion Bug has really nice cloths for plus sizes.....



answers from Sacramento on

I used to shop Target and K-Mart...and still do on occaision.

JCPenney's really has been a life saver; especially for professional clothes.

I had some luck with Fashion Bug and Catherines/Lane Bryant...but their stuff is cut a little weird for my body type. Best of luck to you.



answers from Chicago on

i love The Loft...they have XXL and size 18 and are always in style!


answers from York on

I am 30 and the mom of a 2 year old so I think I know what kinds of clothing you are looking for. Target is great. I also know I am a size 12 and wish Lane Bryant made clothing in my size. I pass their store at the mall and love the outfits in the windows.



answers from Seattle on

My sister shops at :



I'm super tall, so I'm just kinda screwed. I've yet to be able to spend less than $100 on jeans alone, and $160 is more common. I own practically NO clothes. Pout. Sniff.



answers from Chicago on

The Woman Within, Romans, Avenue, Kohls has good selection for size 18.
Catherines, Lane Bryant. The stuff on the catalogs is always better than whats in the store.



answers from Kansas City on

I shop at Kohls, Old Navy, and Target.



answers from San Francisco on

I am about the same size as you and I have had pretty good luck with burlington coat factory, target, lane bryant, torrid, walmart(tank tops, casual shirts and pants). I stay away from macy's or other dept stores because like you said, the larger size clothes are UGLY!

Good luck!




answers from Chicago on

nordstroms encore section. the anniversary sale just ended but great clothes!!!!



answers from New York on

I just read some of the answers as I wear plus size clothing. I was extremely surprised to see Target, as their women's (plus size) is the absolute worst. They only have 3 or 4 racks and their return policy stinks.

Recently I've found some great professional and sports wear items at Catherines.

Lane Bryant has some cute clothes, unfortunately a lot of them are not appropriate for plus sized woman. Also, I went to buy some shorts about a month ago and was paying cash. They insisted on having my phone number and address before they would ring up my purchase, I walked out.

Sometimes I have great luck at Kohl's other times I find nothing. They tend to be a little pricy, but have great sales.

I've also found a few sports wear items at Walmart.

The Avenue has nice stuff. However, the one by me has young kids who work there and blast hip hop music. I can't stand being in the store for more than 5 minutes.

I haven't had any luck with Old Navy as they don't have much in plus sizes in the store, and a lot of their clothing is not of good quality, so I'd be hesitant to shop online.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Have you tried CJ Banks? You can shop online with them also, if they don't one one near you. http://www.cjbanks.com/home/index.jsp I shop at their sister store, Christopher and Banks. I love their clothes. They are classic, comfortable, nice, but not too dressy (they have more dressy if you want it). It is so hard to find good clothes these days! I hope you find something that works for you.



answers from Chicago on

there is a great plus size store that has both trendy and classic clothing in bucktown. it is called Vive La Femme! the owner is great and everyone if super helpful in finding the right size and style that works best for you!!
(great pricing as well)

Tell them A. sent you!! :)



answers from Chicago on

I have the best luck with finding flattering, age-appropriate clothing for my size 18 frame at Lane Bryant. It is more pricey than Kohl's, Penney's, Target, etc., but I really think you get what you pay for. Invest a few extra bucks for some high quality staples--capris, walking shorts, leggings, evening pants, and a few tops, and then hit the clearance racks for more cute, trendy shirts at a great price.

I have a few items from Lane Bryant that I bought in 2001 and am STILL wearing today. I also like the Avenue. There are many in the Chicago area.


answers from Chicago on

I'm kinda surprised no one has mentioned Goodwill or Salvation Army? I know it sounds a little funny but aside from underthings, I pretty much buy all of my clothing there. Target and Lane Bryant sell their close out merchandise to them and I've gotten many, many things with the tags still on! Check it out! :-)




answers from Cincinnati on

Taget all the way! I use to work there and had trouble not spending my whole paycheck there haha. when i started working there I was a size 28 then shrunk down to a size 4, so I have tried almost all their sizes and I love them! Oh and I want to add dont shop at K-MART. they treated me horriably when they found out I was pregnant. I was working with hazardous chemicals as their shipping and processing manager and I told them I could no longer do that part of the job (which I had just transfered to because the manager was desperate to fill it and she said she had no one else who could learn it as fast as I did, I had been the pantry manager) and they said they didnt need me to do anything else so I had to mess with the chemical and do all the heavy lifting it required or quit.)



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi S.,
I am also size 18, I shop at Lands End mostly, trendy styles, great quality. I also find stuff at Nordstrom, Macy"s and Old Navy, although Old Navy stuff isn't the best quality. I also shop online too, google "plus size clothing" and you'll find a few more places.
Good Luck, L.



answers from Philadelphia on

My girlfriend is plus size, she loves Lane Bryant. Sometimes she can find things in Kohl's. Even regular ladies size clothes in most places stink! I am 33 and a size 12. I try to get XL juniors when i can. (nothing too ridiculous) I don't want to look old and out of style yet. (or too young and silly...lol!)



answers from Johnstown on

I'm in the exact same boat as you. I have had to resort to making 95% of my own clothing. 1) I have hips and after having twins, I still have a noticable baby belly years after the fact. Low-rise and hip-huggers are NOT made for this body. 2) Today's prints in the styles I like are aimed more toward my 85 yr old grandma, not a girl in her early 30s. And seriously--have you felt those fabrics? They're something from out of the 70s. I want something lightweight that doesn't make me sweat as soon as I put it on. 3) Most of the ones I've found that I actually do like are very poorly made and fall apart after the first wash....sometimes before. 4) It's MUCH cheaper for me to make my own.

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