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Need Baby Room Furniture Advice

Everyone was very helpful the last time I posted a question on here, so I thought I would ask another one. My husband and I are looking at furniture for the baby room - namely a crib and dresser/changing table. We came very close to buying at Babies R Us, and then starting getting worried on if the quality and if the furniture will hold up. Others that I work with have spent several thousand dollars on furniture at high-end stores, and so I wonder if I'm going to regret going a cheaper route. I know that I can see reviews of the...


How Many Diapers?

I read a request asking about cloth diapering and was inspired by all of the...

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Crib/Toddler Bed vs Twin Bed with Side Rails for 18 Month Old

Hello, My son is almost 18 months old, and he just started to walk last month. We are due with our second son in 7 weeks and trying to decide what to do with our first child regarding sleeping. He is a great sleeper in his crib, but we want the crib for the new baby. I am very nervous about putting him in a twin bed. He is not talking yet, and so I am not 100% sure what he understands. We have been going back and forth between getting a toddler bed, getting another crib, and buying safety rails for the twin that we have. We are also...