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Britax Decathlon or Boulevard?

My son is close to outgrowing his infant car seat and we are looking at the Britax Decathlon and Boulevard models. I'd love to hear from anyone that has either of these models. Thanks!!!

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Britax for Newborn?

Has anyone used a Britax carseat for a newborn? I am expecting a baby boy in about 4 weeks and I'd love some advice. I already have the Britax Marathon for my daughter who is 22 months old. But she used her Graco Snug Ride until she was 6 or 7 months old. I know the Britax can accomodate an infant 5 pounds and up. I've never heard or seen an infant/newborn in a big carseat. I know I'll eventually get another Britax for my son. Any thoughts?


Which Britax Carseat?

We need to buy a new carseat for my daughter (soon to be 1 y/o and 20+ lbs.)...


Dress up for Boys...

I am interested in getting my son (22 mths) some boy dress up clothes. I...