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Ecezma Sixteen Month Old

ANYONE out there know of a good remedy or (management regime for ecezma). So far , this is the list of what I've done and am doing. Nothing has helped him really. 1. Elidel rx cream 2. Steriods liquid and cream for a flare up last April - this helped to clear him and then it started back. 3. oatmeal baths. Cephaticill cream. Euercin cream. vaseoline. internet purchase of a natural cream. dermae e company all natural creams. Been to pediatric doctor and his recommendation for a pediatric dermatologist. She recommended a capful of bleach---...

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Claritin Side Effects with Toddlers

Has anyone given claritin to a toddler and experience behavioral side-effects? My 2.5 year old has been taking Claritin for a little over a week and has been acting up much more than usual (e.g., throwing things and hitting). I realize that some of his behaviors are typical 2 year old behaviors, but his behavior definitely seems to have changed since starting the allergy medicine.