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3 Month Old with Diarrehea

Hello Moms, I didn't want to update this yet so I am going to write this in now. My own pediatrician advised it is okay for me to give her rice cereal just alittle bit. My daughters diaherrea started way before the cereal even started. We were trying to give her rice to make the stool alittle harder. She has been on rice water and it has been helping so anyone please understand my pediatrician already knows what is happening. I have a 3 month old that has a bad case of diarrehea. The first 2 months she was very colic and I thought it...


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Does ALIMENTUM (Ready to Feed) Help ECZEMA?

My daughter has eczema, I breast feed and I know that the eczema is related to food allergies. I have been on a restricted diet able to eat only rice and meat with which she clears up. But with my restricted diet I'm afraid she is not getting enough vitamins. HAS ANYONE SWITCHED TO ALIMENTUM (ready to feed which is corn free) AND ECZEMA CLEARED UP COMPLETELY??


Organic or Not????

Want to know what others know/think about organic food/ organic everything...


Organic Formula Issue

I have been working real hard to make sure my 8 mos. olds diet is as good as...