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Updated on January 04, 2011
N.S. asks from Buffalo Grove, IL
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Does anyone know of a good place to get nice gently used or inexpensive children's clothing for a girl who is 9 and wears a size 8 in the Buffalo Grove or Schaumburg area? I used to shop at Once Upon A Child but they closed down all the ones that weren't too far away.

My SD wants to have the "in" clothing. If the other kids are wearing Justice brand, she wants some Justice brand. While I don't condone doing everything that "other kids" do, I do understand wanting to fit in and have certain things that other kids have. I used to luck out and get those brand names at Once Upon A Child. She's fine with used clothing, so long as it's cute and she LOVES Justice!

(I know Justice has sales, but they have sales on their out of season clothing. I can't buy it and save it because I don't know what size she'll be next year--or even if that will be the fashion. Also, it's still expensive.)

If I can find a place that sells used that would be awesome! Otherwise she'll have to be content with the few new fashions she gets for Christmas and Birthdays!

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answers from Victoria on

I have a 9 year old so I totally know what you are going thru. I think Ebay is the way to go. I sell all her old clothes on there and have bought a few things too. She is hard to size so I sell on Ebay more than I buy. She used to wear everything from Justice and when I re-sell, I think the buyers have gotten some pretty good deals from me. (I only shop sales and with coupons at Justice) Fortunately for me she is moving on from that store :) If you want more info let me know and I can give you some search tips on Ebay.

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answers from San Diego on

Have you tried looking on craigslist in your local area? Everywhere Ive lived, people post their used clothes online and then you could pick and choose. You could even search by specific brands that she really likes... Good luck!

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answers from Portland on

Look in the yellow pages to find other used children clothing stores.



answers from Columbus on

Platos Closet is the cheapest option, but they definitely make sure to only take the "hot" designers/styles. So check & see if there is one near you.

If you're not in a hurry (don't need tons of clothes fast), look at all the local thrift stores with her. I've gotten Jones of NY & Ann Taylor stuff at the thrift stores near us, but it was just because I had time and could look through the items (I'm not fashion maven--I just happened on the items & bought them, and looked at the manufacturers tags after I got them home). And it pays to check them often for new stuff, so if any of them are along your regular errand or shopping route, it's worth it to stop & take 10 or 15 min to run through the store.

Also, check your local yellow pages for "second hand" or "thrift" stores--I think you might have better luck at the mom & pop stores than the VOA or Salvation Army or Good Will.

You might also check for sales near you. I've been to a couple of consignment sales in Ohio, and there are always tons of items that range from the barely useable (that is a small percentage of items) to the designer/brand name top of the line stuff. Usually the top of the line stuff is the first to go, though, so for these, I would shop early at the beginning of the sale.


answers from Lansing on

See if there is a Plato's Closet in your area. They have all name brand clothing. Google Consignment shops in your area also. I know around me, theres 25+ consignment shops...also Craigs List and Ebay also have lots of good deals on clothing too!



answers from Chicago on

In March and April, there are tons of rummage sales in the area. Many of them are for younger kids clothing, but some are not. My friend goes to Goodwill and similar to buy clothes for her 9 year old. Granted, her 9 year old makes her own fashion, but she is always super cute. Oh, and don't dismiss Goodwill without checking it out. I was very surprised at the quality of clothing there.


answers from Chicago on

Look into National Organization of MOthers of Twins Club for listings of the Twins Club resales coming up... I know ours (in Tinley Park) is March 5th. If you are willing to wait in line a bit, you'll get some EXCELLENT bargains!

Try as well as Ebay. There are also some sellers on Facebook (just do a search).

Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

I agree with the Craigslist/ebay thing. I get 5 out of 6 of my children's clothes mainly from CL, (My 15 year old is too hard to shop for that way) Often times it's too hard to have someone ship clothes from ebay cause I can't look at & hold up the clothes to them ahead of time, but they do have a local only section on ebay that I've lucked out with a couple of times. Try looking on google for consignment shops/children's used clothing stores around your area, you'd be surprised @ the places you'll find & never knew were there! I often find lots of great things at those types of places. Wish you success



answers from Eugene on

Have you tried JC Penney's they have great sales all the time and coupons. I shop there quite a bit for my baby shower gifts, clothes for friends and of course my son. Also another place to look is Ross Dress for Less. Good luck.

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