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My Sons Eating Habits

My son is 9 months old and is off the growth charts. He has 5 teeth, and is in 18 month clothing because of his height not because of his weight (which he weighs 21 lbs. The problem that I have is he will eat 2 stage 3 jars of baby food like it is nothing and his doctor says I am over feeding him. However if I give him anything less he throws a fit and will sit by the refrigerator and try to open it to get more food. On top of it his doctor said that he should be off of bottles all together and drinking out of a sippy cup. My problem is...

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How Long Do Nuby Cups Last?

Does anyone know how long the rubber on the Nuby sippy cups will last (in storage)? I have numerous Nuby cups that our daughter didn't use. We're just now trying for our second child & by the time they are old enough to use the cup (2 years), I wonder if the rubber sippy part will still be good.